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Dance in the Vampire Bund (2010)

2010.01.07 65 After a recent attack in the Sugimai District, people begin to question about whether or not vampires really…

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Hanamaru Youchien (2010)

2010.01.11 70 Naozumi Tsuchida is a young kindergarten teacher, and he is ready to take his first job at Hanamaru…

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Ladies versus Butlers! (2010)

2009.12.29 65 Hino Akiharu lost his parents when he was small and was adopted into his uncle's family. But he…

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Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu (2010)

2010.01.07 70 Akihisa Yoshii is not a regular student, actually, he is known as the "Baka", or idiot, at Fumizuki…

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Katanagatari (2010)

2010.01.26 80 The legendary swordsmith Shikizaki Kiki made 1000 swords in his career. The more swords a state had, the…

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Omamori Himari (2010)

2010.01.07 65 Seven years ago, Yuuto Amakawa's parents died leaving him living alone without a single relative. He is the…

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Sora no Woto (2010)

2010.01.05 70 When Kanata Sorami was all alone at a young age as a result of war, she found inspiration…

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