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Isekai Meikyuu de Harem o (2022)

Isekai Meikyuu de Harem o
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As usual, Michio wastes his time playing games and surfing the Internet, at least until the day he comes across a strange game, and decides to try it.

Suddenly, he wakes up inside a stable, and doesn’t hesitate to start to play the game, he is shocked by the quality of the virtual reality and immediately investigates his surroundings and obtains a sword.

At that moment he hears noise and goes out to investigate, he watches the locals prepare to face the attack of some bandits and Michio decides to participate, after all, it is an event of the game.

Michio is surprised with the quality of the game, everything feels so real. He does not hesitate to attack and kill several aggressors, and when the confrontation ends, the village chief approaches him to thank for his help.

He is invited to his house, and is able to clean up and assess the loot that they obtained. Seeing blood in his clothes and his hands, Michio begins to doubt that this is a normal game, and when he decides to get out of it, he realizes that it is not possible.

Michio tries to control his nerves, decides to continue, and find an alternative.

When they present him with the loot, Michio realizes that a bandana of a certain value is missing. He requests for it to be searched among the inhabitants.

It turns out that one of them stole it, trying to trick Michio. When the village chief asks what he wants to do with the prisoner, he, without knowing the details, asks that the village law be applied.

By doing so, the man ends up becoming a slave, and will be sent to the city for sale.

Michio feels sorry for what happened, but at the same time, he understands that thanks to this he will have money and goods to exchange to start his new life.

In the city, he receives the reward for defeating the bandits, and later, he is taken to the house of a slave trader, Alan, with whom he makes the sale and grants his part to be returned to the town.

At that moment, Michio realizes that he is alone, and while he considers what to do, Alan opens the door of his house and invites him inside.

Alan asks him if he is an adventurer, and when he confirms it, he tells him that a new labyrinth has been discovered, and that it will surely be full of treasures.

Alan recommends him to use his services and acquire slaves to help him in his task, to which Michio wonders if it is ethical to do something like that.

At that precise moment, Roxanne, a demihuman, enters dressed in a very attractive outfit for someone like Michio. Alan notices him and begins to convince him to buy her. He even lures him saying that he can do whatever he wants with her, and that, thanks to her contract, he will never be betrayed.

Finally, they agree on an amount of money, but since Michio doesn’t have that amount, Alan gives him an extension to get it and get Roxanne’s services, who thanks the adventurer for showing interest in her.

Now, Michio must find a quick way to make money, because he only has a few days to go.

Isekai Meikyuu de Harem o
A light novel series written by Shachi Sogano and illustrated by Shikidouji, serialized online between 2011 and 2019 on Shousetsuka ni Narou. A manga adaptation with art by Issei Hyouju has been serialized in Monthly Shounen Ace since 2017. An anime adaptation by Passione premiered in July 6, 2022.
S1. “Oath” ~ Shiori Mikami
S1. “Gentleman’s Deal 600,000 Naal” ~ Taku Yashiro, Kenta Miyake
Michio Kaga
Michio Kaga

OP ~ Oath

ED ~ Gentleman’s Deal 600,000 Naal