Spring Anime Season 2023
The Spring Anime Season 2023 includes series like: Mashle, Dead Mount Death Play, Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu, Kyoutaro or Tengoku Daimakyou.

More stories

Kubo-san wa Mob o Yurusanai anime
In Kubo-san wa Mob o Yurusanai, Junta goes unnoticed even when he's standing right next to his classmates. However, Kubo always notices him and is there to tease him as much as possible.
Sugar Apple Fairy Tale anime
In Sugar Apple Fairy Tale, Anne is a candy crafter determined to follow in her mother's footsteps and become a Silver Sugar Master. Before that, she needs a fairy warrior as bodyguard.
Spy Classroom anime
In Spy Classroom, Klaus has never failed a job as a spy, and now he is building a team to take on an Impossible Mission, one with over a 90 percent chance of failure.
Ayakashi Triangle anime
In Ayakashi Triangle, Matsuri tries to defend his childhood friend, Suzu, from evil spirits called ayakashi. However, during a battle to save her life, Matsuri is turned into a girl.