Liar, Liar (2023)

In Liar, Liar, a transfer student, unexpectedly beats the strongest empress in a game island, he discovers the true identity of her and both decide to bluff to deceive everyone.

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Fall Anime Season 2023

The Fall Anime Season 2023 includes series like: Undead Unluck, Sousou no Frieren, KimiZero, Ragna Crimson, Buta no Liver wa Kanetsu Shiro or Shy.

8 Min Read

Watashi no Shiawase na Kekkon (2023)

In Watashi no Shiawase na Kekkon, within a noble family, Miyo is born without a gift that makes her unique. Because of that, her father pushes her aside and allows her stepmother to abuse her.

5 Min Read

Fall Season Spotlight


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In Zom 100, Akira is trapped in a meaningless life routine, and

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Dekiru Neko wa Kyou mo Yuuutsu (2023)

In Dekiru Neko wa Kyou mo Yuuutsu, Saku lives alone with her

Oooku (2023)

In Oooku, in feudal Japan, a strange disease that only affects men