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Natsuiro Kiseki (2012)

2012.03.31 50 Natsumi Aizawa, Saki Mizukoshi, Yuka Hanaki and Rinko Tamaki have been friends for many years. Now, they are…

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Ginga e Kickoff!! (2012)

2012.04.07 60 Shou Oota is a sixth grader who loves soccer. He isn't really good, but he doesn't care, all…

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Hyouka (2012)

2012.04.22 75 Houtarou Oreki doesn't like to do things that he considers a waste of energy. Actually, he doesn't do…

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Sengoku Collection (2012)

2012.04.05 50 It's a different timeline from ours, in the tumultuous Sengoku Era of historical Japan, when military masters circle…

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Acchi Kocchi (2012)

2012.04.05 55 Tsumiki Miniwa is a high school student, she is small and seems fragile, but at the same time…

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Haiyore! Nyaruko-san (2012)

2012.04.10 55 One night, Mahiro Yasaka is returning home, and suddenly a strange monster appears in the sky and starts…

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Medaka Box (2012)

2012.04.05 60 Medaka Kurokami is a first year student at Hakoniwa Academy, she excels at everything she does. And now,…

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