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Yuki Sanada is a high school student who lives with his grandmother, a woman whose career requires frequent relocation, something that doesn’t help Yuki to establish any real friendships, much less the social skills necessary to start them.

Now, Yuki has to move again, and as usual he has nothing to say to his peers at school. After all, he wasn’t able to make any friend in here. For some reason, his feelings become stress and before you can tell, Yuki is completely freaked out. With this high intensity stress, Yuki tends to make a really strange face and run away as he imagines water covering his entire body.

Yuki lives with his grandmother, the main reason why Yuki has to move from one place to another, and despite feeling lonely, Yuki loves his grandmother.

Meanwhile, Haru – a self-proclaimed alien- has also arrived to town. And as fast as he sees Yuki, he has a positive feeling and wants to meet him right away.

Yuki didn’t waste any time and prepares to start his new life, he attends school right away and expects to be able to do things right. But as fast as he jumps into the train, he starts having some doubts about his behavior. As he starts making his usual ‘stress face’, a girl named Erika smiles at him. Yuki tries to hang on and avoids complete panic.

At that exact moment, Haru is in front of Yuki’s place. He greets Yuki’s grandmother and tells her that he will live there alongside Yuki. Grandmother looks at Haru, smiles and asks him to do a little favor instead.

Back at school Yuki is preparing himself mentally to do his introduction to his new classmates. He wants to do it normally or at least in a calm way. Yuki does a good job, and just as he thinks it was the best he has done he looks to his right and sees Erika smiling to him. All his efforts to be normal are gone, and Yuki freaks out a little bit.

Fortunately for him, Haru enters the classroom with a big fishing rod and without any doubt states that he is an alien. Haru sees Yuki and approaches him, of course Yuki can’t control his feelings and he is about to lose himself, but Haru points him with a water gun and makes a shot. Next, Yuki and Haru are dancing in the middle of the class.

It seems that Yuki has found a friend, a very strange friend.

Main Characters

Yuki Sanada is socially inept and when afraid or nervous, makes a horrible, demonic face. He frequently consults his phone for information on various topics. When put on the spot, he mentally creates a scenario where he is drowning as a reaction to stress. Yuki’s a bit afraid of Natsuki, thinks Haru is very weird and doesn’t like that he considers him his friend. He lives with his french grandmother, and is fond of the ocean and air in Enoshima.

Haru is very cheerful and charismatic. He was a transfer student along with Yuki, and introduces himself as an alien, which people think is a joke due to his enthusiastic behaviour, although there are some indicts that may prove it true. He is seen carrying a fish in a fish bowl on his head, who refers to Haru as “brother”. When upset with people’s actions, he shoots them with a bright green water pistol, making it possible for him to briefly control their actions. Haru and his sister are on a secret mission on Earth to save it, and for some reason, they need Yuki to learn to fish in order to accomplish it. He is able to telepathically communicate with his sister via water.

Natsuki Usami is native of Enoshima, Natsuki has a generally irritated expression. He doesn’t seem to like interacting with many people but is well known for his participation in national fishing competitions, resulting in the nickname, “Fishing Prince”. He has a soft spot for his younger sister, Sakura, his entire demeanor changing when talking with her.

Akira Agarkar Yamada is a mysterious and stoic Indian prince, always accompanied by his duck named Tapioca. He and his servants spy on Haru under orders of the mysterious organization called “Duck”. He transfers into Yuki’s class, despite being 25 years old, and also is an experienced fisherman.

Is an anime television series that premiered in Japan on April 12, 2012. It is set on the island of Enoshima, Shounan; a town where old and new goes hand in hand. The basic idea in this story is that you can’t catch fish if you don’t go fishing, and you can’t make friends if you don’t at least try.
S1. “Tsurezure Monochrome” ~ FUJIFABRIC
S1. “Sora mo Toberu Hazu” ~ sayonara ponytail

OP ~ Tsurezure Monochrome

ED ~ Sora mo Toberu Hazu