Fall Anime Season 2008

Fall Anime Season 2008

Time is runnig fast this year, and sure it has been an active year for us as more and more animes arrive. For the Fall 2008 Anime Season, you can expect a lot of romance with series like ef -a tale of melodies- and CLANNAD -After Story-.

And how about second or even third seasons for some old and new anime? If you can’t get enough horror, don’t miss Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae, Vampire Knight Guilty or Rosario + Vampire 2, just if you can call those horror anime.

Then, continue with a funny romance comedy on Nodame Cantabile Paris Chapter or even more cuties with Shugo Chara! 2. And if you arewondering… where are my mechas? Well, prepare yourself, as the never ending zaga of Gundam continues with Kidou Senshi Gundam 00 2nd Season.

Fortunately, there seem to be some new series that might catch up your eye, the comedy Hyakko, the bishoujo Kannagi, Skip Beat!, space-based Tytania, shounen Ga-rei Zero and the teenaged heroes from Yozakura Quartet.

Don’t worry, you’ll also have enough ecchi to keep you out of troubles with kissxsis and Zettai Shougeki ~Platonic Heart~. Thanks to: hashihime.