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Sengoku Collection
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It’s a different timeline from ours, in the tumultuous Sengoku Era of historical Japan, when military masters circle the figurative throne of Japan’s first shogunate.

A strange light surrounds Oda Nobunaga, and before anything can be done, she disappears and a big explosion occurs. Nobunaga thinks she is done and that the end of her life has come.

After a while, she opens her eyes and sees herself falling into a strange world. Of course, she panics and starts screaming. After a couple of good hits, she falls on top of a guy named Seiichi Oota.

Seiichi has no clue what happened but rushes to ask Nobunaga if she is alright, she is alright, but confused. Seiichi takes her to a hamburger place and invites her lunch. Seiichi is amazed to hear that she is the well-known Oda Nobunaga, but can’t believe her.

After that, Seiichi realizes that he is late for work and rushes to get there, leaving behind a confused Nobunaga. After a while, she is able to catch up with Seiichi, just to find out that this new world has so many strange things for sale.

Seiichi is so confused, and as he thinks his day can’t be worse, a robber enters the shop and points him with a gun. Nobunaga is not scared and instead, she gives the robber a good lesson about life and honesty.

As the day comes to an end, Seiichi goes home, but he is not alone. Nobunaga barges in and makes her comfortable at his apartment.

The next day, Seiichi decides to take Nobunaga out to see the new world. She is amazed by everything; after all, this is a whole new experience for her. When returning home, they stop at a shrine, where Nobunaga prays to go home, but she also warns the shrine keepers that if she doesn’t get a reply she’d come back and put the building on fire.

After this kind of warning, the shrine deities decide to show themselves to Nobunaga. There they tell her that they don’t have enough power to send her back to her era, and that more generals from her time are also in this world.

Now, in order to go back home, Nobunaga has to gather the treasures of each one of the lost generals.

Main Characters

Oda Nobunaga is the feudal lord who is mysteriously transported to the modern world. Wanting to return to the Sengoku period, she goes on a quest to retrieve the secret treasures hidden inside the other feudal lords so that she can return home.

Tokugawa Ieyasu is a peace loving feudal lord who enjoys singing and dancing. After coming to admire an idol, she becomes an idol herself.

Naoe Kanetsugu is Kenshin’s retainer who is in love with her, wanting to fulfil her dream of conquering the land. She has wings which let her view the battlefield. When she is transported to the modern world, she goes colorblind but regains her ability to see color when she realises how much Kenshin wants her by her side.

Uesugi Kenshin is a feudal lord who is always beside Naoe. Constantly battling in the Sengoku period, Kenshin came to love the peaceful modern world and became a model.

Date Masamune is a feudal lord who was often dependant on her servant, Kojuurou Katakura. Upon arriving in the modern world, she was tricked by the Yakuza and arrested, but managed to escape and get revenge, and now seeks out Kojuurou.

Sengoku Collection
Is a mobile social networking game created by Konami, which was launched for the Mobage service in December 2010. The series features female representations of feudal lords from the Sengoku period. An anime adaptation produced by Brain’s Base based on the game began airing on April 5, 2012.
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