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Danna ga Nani o Itteiruka Wakaranai Ken (2014)

Danna ga Nani o Itteiruka Wakaranai Ken
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Life can be nothing but struggle, but love is always there to make you feel better, right? For some reason, Kaoru Tsunashi gets married to Hajime Tsunashi.

Kaoru is a practical woman, she want to feel security in her life, maybe getting married is exactly what she needed. But she is also a special lady and can be a little picky about some activities.

During their honey moon, Kaoru and Hajime go to a beach resort, just to stay in their hotel room because Kaoru doesn’t feel like wearing a swimsuit outside. A bit disappointed, Hajime tells her it’s alright, but that he would love to see her in her bathing suit.

Now at home, the days go by and Kaoru, as expected from a modern woman, works on a daily basis. Hajime on the other side, can be defined with a single word: Otaku.

He really has a care free approach to living life and enjoys everything related to anime, manga and probably hentai.

Once, Kaoru comes back from work just to find several magazines with ‘ecchi’ pictures, she tells Hajime to keep those away, especially from her bedroom. Hajime quickly responds that he finished ‘using them’, implying something out of Kaoru’s mindset.

For Kaoru, this is a bit strange, but her love for Hajime allows the couple to live a different kind of relationship. Of course, when Kaoru sees that Hajime is not working at all and is only playing or fooling around, she gets a bit concerned.

Danna ga Nani o Itteiruka Wakaranai Ken
A 4-panel manga series by Cool-kyou Shinja. The chapters are released online and then published in print by Ichijinsha. The first volume was released on December 29, 2011 and the fourth volume was released on June 26, 2014. An anime adaptation began airing in Japan on October 4, 2014.
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S1. “Ii Kagen ni Shite, Anata” ~ Yukari Tamura & Kenichi Suzumura
Kaoru Tsunashi
Hajime Tsunashi

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ED ~ Ii Kagen ni Shite, Anata