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Tegami Bachi (2009)

Tegami Bachi
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The story takes place in the land of AmberGround, a place of perpetual night only partially illuminated by an artificial sun. A letter carrier searching for the location of a scheduled pickup, when he finally located the right spot he finds a sleeping young child who is chained. The kid has a delivery address placed on his arm.

When the child, Lag Seeing, awakens, the mail carrier introduces himself as Gauche Suede, and Roda, his dog. Lag freaks out because Gauche knows his name and asks him if he’s part of the group that took his mother away to the light, Gauche looks towards the light and asks if they took her to the capital city .

After this introduction, Gauche behaves indifferent to the child by saying that he needs to know nothing more about him, and he asks Lag to not ask him any questions. Once the time comes to leave, Lag refuses to move, so Gauche has to carry him on his shoulders.

The delivery address is to Sabrina Mary, and old lady that Lag and his mother once knew, the postage was paid by Anne Seeing, Lag’s mother. When Lag hears this, he begins to cry, saying that it had to be the bad men because his mother would never send him away.

Lag tells Gauche that he can walk on his own, and Gauche says that he has to listen to him because their route is dangerous. Gauche tells him that giant armoured insect called Gaichuu live in the area, and those insects are attracted to the human heart.

Main Characters

Lag Seeing is a 12 year old boy with a very focused mindset, regardless of what situations he gets into and always focuses on delivering the package. He has a special gun called the Shindanjuu, literally the “heart bullet gun” where he loads a “fragment of heart” into the gun, then fires it at the target. He is seemingly being able to control the direction of the shot. As a child, he was “delivered” ~ the letter bee Gauche Suede, and was inspired by him to become a letter bee.

Niche is Lag’s personal Dingo. She travels with Lag, acting as his bodyguard against Gaichuu, and sticks closely to Lag along with her “pet”, “Steak”, on her head. She battles using her hair, also known as “The Golden Sword”, manipulating it into powerful blade-like tentacles capable of lifting things several times her size. She has bearlike forearms and claws which she usually keeps covered with oven mitt-like gloves. Lag found Niche at a train station on his way to his Bee Interview. She was a “letter”, but the address on her mailing label was incomplete and she was scheduled to be “abandoned” in two more days.

Gauche Suede is is the letter bee that finds young Lag Seeing marked as a letter in “Coza Bel”, a small town in the “Yodaka District”, the low class district in Amberground. He has to deliver to “Cambel Litus” a town also on the “Yodaka District” so he can join his aunt who was trusted to take care of him from the person who wrote Lag’s letter data. Gauche is also a caring and enthusiastic letter bee, he is trying to become the “Head Bee” so he has enough money to help his sister and live peacefully.

Sylvette Suede is Gauche’s younger, paralyzed sister. Born on the Day of Flicker, like Lag. Her brother left her to go to Akatsuki, and eventually disappeared. When she would meet Lag, years later, she had claimed to have given up on Gauche being alive. She later learns he is alive, and Lag promises to find him.

Roda is Gauche’s “Dingo”. She is a skillful dog that seems to be very well trained for fighting and tracking situations. She appears to be a skilled hunter as well. When Gauche confronts Lag, Roda, in a human female form, confronts and distracts Niche.

Tegami Bachi
Also known as Letter Bee, is a shounen manga series by Hiroyuki Asada. The series was first serialized in Monthly Shounen Jump for ten chapters, and is currently serialized in the new monthly magazine Jump SQ. A special anime adaptation (OVA), was shown during the Jump Super Anime Tour events in Japan in the fall of 2008. It was titled Tegami Bachi: Hikari to Ao no Gensou Yawa, and was animated by Studio Pierrot. A television anime series was stated to start airing in October 3, 2009.
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