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Runway de Waratte
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Since she was a child, Chiyuki has been obsessed with fashion, her father owns “Mille Neige”, a small model company able to endure competition for many years now.

One of Chiyuki’s dreams is to become a professional model, one able to take stage in the prestigious Fashion Week in Paris. Unfortunately for her, she kept waiting for her growth spurt, but it never happened, and now she is 17 years old and only 1.58m tall.

She is gorgeous, and after many years, she understands the business, however, to become a top model, she lacks the proper height to show the best clothes at the best stage.

Shizuku, the only model for “Mille Neige” to be part of the Paris Fashion Week show is now part of the company. She loves Chiyuki as a sister and is very blunt and realistic about her chances to become a top model.

Week after week, Chiyuki tries to change her mind, and despite being rejected constantly she still believes in herself. She can also be pushy and selfish at times, however, one day at school, as they students begin to consider their future, she finds out one of her classmates, Ikuto, wants to work as a fashion designer.

She decides to take a look at his work in the school club, she recommends him to go to college if he wants to follow his dream, but Ikuto is from a poor family and decides to start working to support his three sisters.

Then, Chiyuki wants to figure out her own future and decides to apply for a job in another model agency, without any expectations, she is accepted. After that, she thinks of Ikuto, and decides to ask him to create a special design to show in an upcoming photo session.

Chiyuki is ready, and everything seems to go as planned, however, once she is asked about the designer of her clothes, she hesitates to say they are from an amateur designer and simply says they come from Mille Neige.

Later, as usual, she shows up at her father’s agency. In front of Shizuku, Chiyuki shows something inspiring, and finally she decides to hire Chiyuki and help her achieve her dream.

In the meantime, thanks to the photo session, Ikuto’s design becomes recognized, and due to the demand, Chiyuki’s father decides to offer Ikuto an opportunity to join the agency and become one of their designers.

Runway de Waratte
A manga series by Kotoba Inoya, serialized since May 2017 in Kodansha’s Weekly Shounen Magazine. An anime series adaptation by Ezo’la start on January 10, 2020.
S1. “Lion” ~ Ami Sakaguchi
S1. “Ray of Light” ~ J-JUN
Chiyuki Fujito
Ikuto Tsumura

OP ~ Lion

ED ~ Ray of Light