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Infinite Dendrogram (2020)

Infinite Dendrogram
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It is the year 2043, technology has advanced considerably, and now, the virtual reality MMORP games are intense and allow users to use all their senses.

Today, Reiji enters the world of Infinite Dendrogram for the first time, he creates an avatar for the game under the name “Ray Starling”. It does not take long before he bumps, literally, into troubles.

A young officer is looking for her little sister, Reiji does not realize that this is a game character and begins to wonder how he could lend a hand; however, he is just a new player and might not be useful at all.

Later, he meets with his brother Shuu, who is wearing a bear suit as he entertains the children besides a fountain. Somehow, Reiji knows that character is his brother and approaches to him.

As they discuss about the game, Reiji asks Shuu about his strange encounter, if it is common and why, all of a sudden, he is part of a quest.

Shuu tries to explain the game to his brother, this is not just another virtual reality game with endless possibilities, it actually tries to emulate reality, and sometimes it can be harsh, death is part of the game, and if a non-player characters dies, it will never return.

After that, Reiji feels determined to help in this quest, he would not want to end the existence of anyone be at stake because of him.

Shuu shares some healing potions with Reiji as they depart to a nearest forest, where huge beast waits for them. As soon as they show up, the officer Reiji met before is struggling to maintain her sister safe.

Because someone bought all the fruit in town, the child went to search for berries to prepare her older sister a birthday cake, and now, with Shuu and Reiji’s help, they will try to survive the quest.

Shuu is strong and tells his brother to help the girls, however, the officer is also a strong character and begins to fight. Reiji decides to take the younger sister and try to reach for the exit; however, another creature begins to attack.

Without any powers, Reiji is about to lose his life in the game, but more important for him, the NPC will no longer exist if he is defeated. At that moment, he recalls that a creature, embryo, was implanted in him, allowing to cast for a battle partner.

Before Reiji is hit, his companion is ready, her name is Nemesis, she transforms into a sword, and she can evolve depending on Ray’s progress throughout the game. Thanks to her, the quest is cleared and both brothers can rest at last.

Infinite Dendrogram
A light novel series written by Sakon Kaidou and illustrated by Taiki, serialized online since 2015 on Shousetsuka ni Narou before being acquired by Hobby Japan. A manga adaptation with art by Kami Imai has been serialized at Comic Fire website since 2016. An anime adaptation by NAZ began on January 9, 2020.
S1. “Unbreakable” ~ Aoi Yuuki
S1. “Reverb” ~ Aya Uchida
Reiji Mukudori

OP ~ Unbreakable

ED ~ Reverb