It’s almost New Year and Tamako Kitashirakawa is preparing for a big day at Tama-ya, the mochi -rice cake- shop owned by her family.

Tamako is a high school student and alongside her best friends, Midori Tokiwa and Kanna Makino, is part of the baton club. One afternoon, Tamako returns to the Usagi-yama shopping district and begins her shopping duties before dinner time.

Tamako is well known in Usagi-yama, and everyone loves her, unfortunately, every single year they fail to give her a present on her birthday, New Year’s Eve. Basically, because this is the busiest time of the year for the mochi shop.

On her way home, Tamako visits the flower shop and sees something strange inside an arrangement. She gets near just to find out a big bird is inside, the animal shocks when he sees Tamako in front of her and jumps into her face.

The flower show owner and Tamako are in shock, but then they become stunned when the bird begins to talk. Without second thoughts, Tamako grabs the bird and tosses it out.

But before she realizes, she has the bird standing on her head. Once at home, Tamako’s family can’t believe the bird is talking, and not just that, it has a name, Dera Mochimazzi. The bird says he is part of a royal court and that he is on a quest to find a bride for his prince. Everyone is amazed by the bird, especially because he is a bit bossy and is really creepy for everyone around.

So, the New Year’s Eve is here, and everyone at Tama-ya is really busy. Meanwhile, Dera has found the taste of mochi quite delicious and simply doesn’t stop eating all day long. Dera remembers his duties and sets to part ways with Tamako, but the bird has grown so big! Now, Dera can’t fly and seems to be stuck at Tamako’s.

Main Characters

Tamako Kitashirakawa is a first-year student in high school whose family runs a mochi shop in their town’s shopping district called Tama-ya. She enjoys her high school life and the baton club with her friends Kanna and Midori. She helps her family run the shop and invent new kinds of mochi. Her birthday is on New Year’s Eve and is often forgotten due to the busy schedule, but Tamako devotes herself to helping in the shop. Tamako is nervous about public speaking, and has problems swimming.

Dera Mochimazzi is a bird that speaks Japanese, with a little bossy tone, that ends up staying at Tamako’s house. He is a noble attendant for a royal court from a tropical island and was on journey to find a bride for its prince. However, after gaining an affinity for mochi, he has put on a lot of weight and thus cannot fly properly anymore, only being able to manage short distances before he runs out of breath.

Midori Tokiwa is Tamako’s classmate, childhood friend, and baton club member. Her grandparents own and run a toy shop in the town’s shopping district called Tokiwa-do. She later comes to terms that she has feelings for Tamako.

Kanna Makino is a high school student in the same year as her friends, Tamako and Midori, and is a member of the baton club. She is the daughter of a carpenter who works in the same shopping district as Tamako and her family. A relaxed and laid back girl, Kanna does not care what anyone else thinks.

Shiori Asagiri is one of Tamako’s classmates and a member of the badminton club. She is a knowledgeable and resourceful girl, with a serious, cool personality. However, it is shown that while she is quiet and often mistaken as distant, she is actually extremely shy.

Mochizō Ooji is Tamako’s childhood friend whose family also runs a mochi shop called Ooji-ya or in the new name Ricecake Oh!Zee, a mochi shop located across from Tama-ya. Though their fathers are not on good terms due to business competition, he and Tamako are good friends. More at: Wiki

Tamako Market (たまこまーけっと) is a Jnaanime series produced by Kyoto Animation and directed by Naoko Yamada. It began airing in Japan on January 10, 2013.

Title: Tamako Market (2013)
Kanji: たまこまーけっと (2013)
Opening Theme: “Dramatic Market Ride” by Aya Suzaki
Ending Theme: “Neguse” by Aya Suzaki

Tamako Market OP ~ “Dramatic Market Ride”

Tamako Market ED ~ “Neguse”