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Hidamari Sketch (2007)

Hidamari Sketch
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Yuno is finally able to be accepted into Yamabuki Art High School, which she has longed for.

To attend the school, Yuno moves and starts to live in a small apartment building named the Hidamari Apartments, located across the street from the school.

Once there, she quickly becomes friends with three other occupants at the apartments, including her classmate Miyako and two second-year students: Hiro and Sae.

The events of the characters’ everyday lives are shown as they attend the school together and get to know each other better. As the story progresses, the characters move up a year in school as the new school year comes, and two first-year girls enter to live at Hidamari Apartments: Nazuna and Nori.

Main Characters

Yuno is a young playful girl and main protagonist in the story. She lives in the Hidamari apartments, along with her close friends and neighbors Miyako, Hiro, and Sae. Her friends think of her as a very nice person. Yuno dreams of being a great artist someday. Although she is a skilled artist overall, she considers painting and drawing her specialties.

Miyako is Yuno’s close friend, classmate, and next door neighbor in the apartment building where they live. She has an active personality who is always trying to have fun with her friends. Her exuberance frequently borders on the childlike, but she is undeniably creative. She loves to eat and has frequently asked for Hiro’s leftovers when she is on one of her diets. She sometimes points out that Hiro may be gaining weight, which earns her a punch on the head by Hiro. Miyako’s energy is frequently excessive and misplaced. Her rent is 5,000 yen cheaper than that of the other girls because her apartment is in poor repair, which is fortunate because she has less money than the other girls most of the time.

Hiro is a year older than Yuno and Miyako, living directly under Yuno’s apartment. Although she tries to be a supportive senpai to the girls, she tends to worry excessively about her weight, causing her to go on diets for periods while occasionally binging on sweets.

Sae is an upperclassman and good friends with Hiro. Her artistic specialties are photography and fiction writing; she is frequently working on long pieces for class. Sae, who is tall, athletic, and generally mature, has a playful side that can be at the same time enigmatic and cutting; she has a habit of giving Yuno just enough warning about potential problems for the younger girl to fail to avoid them. She also has a fondness for playing detective when faced with such anomalies as Miyako’s apartment.

Yoshinoya is Yuno and Miyako’s homeroom teacher and art instructor. She is buxom, exuberant, and a cosplay maniac. So much so, in fact, that she will frequently wear incredibly complicated things that are truly inappropriate at times. She has a fondness for modeling for her class, displaying her latest outfits whenever she can, and showing off in general. Because the series is so tightly focused on the four core girls, little else is known about her social or personal life.

Hidamari Sketch
Is a Japanese four-panel comic strip by Ume Aoki revolving around the daily lives of a group of young girls all living in the same apartment where artists gather. The Hidamari Sketch anime was produced by the animation studio Shaft and began airing in Japan on January 11, 2007.
S1. “Sketch Switch” ~ Kana Asumi, Kaori Mizuhashi, Ryoko Shintani and Yuko Goto
S1. “Mebae Drive” ~ marble

OP ~ Sketch Switch

ED ~ Mebae Drive