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It hasn’t been long since Ichirou graduated and started working as a manga artist.

Unfortunately for him and his younger siblings, Machi and Fumio, his father has passed away, leaving them alone in this world.

However, thanks to his investment, his father has left them a small apartment building, which Ichirou manages while he pursues his dream of being a well-known author.

But the task is not easy, and he not only wants to help his siblings grow up healthy, but he wants to be able to support them financially if they want to go to college, as he did thanks to his father.

For now, he is approaching a deadline to deliver the drawings for his next publication, and for weeks he has not had an assistant to help him detail the work.

While saying goodbye to his younger siblings, Ichirou receives a call from his editor, who tells him that he has arranged an assistant for her, who will arrive in town in the morning.

Immediately, Ichirou prepares himself and goes looking for Shiori, an elegant girl, who has specifically come to learn from her favorite author, Ichirou himself.

Returning to the apartment complex, Ichirou tells Shiori that there is a lot of work to do, so she asks him to help her immediately.

Despite it being her first experience at work, Shiori turns out to be very capable, so Ichirou believes that they will be able to reach her goal before the end of the week.

Later, Machi and Fumio meet Shiori and force her brother to give her a break so that she knows the place and settles in her room.

Days later, everything seems to be going great, but in an instant everything changes, when Ichirou realizes that a page is missing. Embarrassed, he asks Shiori to stay up late with him to finish the job.

At dawn, the result is a success, and Shiori does not hesitate to lie down on the ground to get some sleep. In a daze, Ichirou sees something strange near Shiori’s waist and thinks it is a feather, but touching it causes Shiori to wake up in a fright.

In an instant, Shiori confesses that she comes from another planet, and that having touched her, Ichirou must take responsibility for her and her future. In other words, they have been compromised.

However, when Ichirou gives her the reasons why he touched her, Shiori accepts her apology, and tells him that they can be friends for now. He does not quite understand what has happened, after all, he is too sleepy.

Otonari ni Ginga
Also known as A Galaxy Next Door, is a manga series written and illustrated by Gido Amagakure, serialized in Kodansha’s Good! Afternoon magazine since April 2020. An anime adaptation by Asahi Production and a television drama adaptation premiered in April 9, 2023.
S1. “Tonariawase” ~ Chinatsu Matsumoto
S1. “Near Stella” ~ Yuu Wakui
Ichiro Kuga
Ichiro Kuga
Shiori Goshiki
Shiori Goshiki

OP ~ Tonariawase

ED ~ Near Stella