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Macross Frontier marks the 25th anniversary of the Macross anime franchise. Macross F, or Macross Frontier, is a sequel to the original Macross series and Macross 7.

The story follows Alto Saotome, Ranka Lee and pop star Sheryl Nome on board the space colony Macross Frontier. The main enemy of the humans on the colony is the Vajra, a race of robot-like aliens that is intent on destroying Macross Frontier.

After being unable to stop the Vajra alone, N.U.N.S (New U.N. Spacy) hires the mercenary group, S.M.S, to help fend off the alien attackers. During the first attack, Alto witnesses a death of an S.M.S member. This pushes him to take the dead man’s fighter and help destroy the Vajra, while at the same time saving Ranka Lee. Afterwards, Alto is reprimanded for his actions, while at the same time he is invited to join S.M.S by Ozma Lee.

Sheryl, an idol, is on tour at Macross Frontier at the beginning of the series and gets caught up in the conflict. She meets Alto when he works as an assistant in her concert on Frontier. She doesn’t do much fighting but her songs are often the background music for the big fights.

Even in the beginning of the series, a love triangle between Alto, Ranka and Sheryl is apparent. Ranka and Sheryl are both trying to get Alto to love them, often creating some dramatic situations. But all the drama is spaced in-between battles of the S.M.S against the Vajra.

Main Characters

Alto Saotome is a long-haired teenager living on Macross Frontier. His dream to fly is always being squashed by the lack of an atmosphere on Frontier. While trying to forget his history as a Kabuki actor he has distanced himself from him family, and especially his father. He is a high school student training at the Mihoshi Academy Pilot Training course.

Ranka Lee is a short, cheerful teenager with green hair. She is the adopted sister of Ozma, a mercenary working for S.M.S. She goes to school at an all girls high school while working part time at the Chinese restaurant “Nyan-Nyan”.

Sheryl Nome is a pop idol from another space colony, Macross Galaxy. She is on tour at Frontier when it is attacked. She ends up staying on Frontier for much longer than planned with her assistance Grace. She has pink/yellow hair and is very childish, especially around Alto. More at: Wiki Thanks to: Arachnaboy

Macross Frontier (マクロスF) is a Japanese anime television series set in the Macross universe. Animated by Satelight, it premiered Japan on MBS on April 3, 2008. A pre-broadcast airing, called Macross Frontier Deculture Edition or Macross Special Edition, showcasing a preview version of the first episode was aired on December 23, 2007.

Title: Macross Frontier (2008)
Kanji: マクロスF (2008)
Opening Theme: “Triangler” by Maaya Sakamoto; “Seikan Hikou” by Megumi Nakajima ep 17; “Lion” by May’n & Megumi Nakajima ep 18-25
Ending Theme: “Do You Remember Love?” by Megumi Nakajima ep 0; “Aimo ” by Megumi Nakajima ep 1,7,10; “Diamond Crevasse” by Sheryl Nome starring May’n / May Nakabayashi ep 2; “Neko Nikki” by Megumi Nakajima ep 11; “Diamond Crevasse 50/50” by Megumi Nakajima & Sheryl Nome starring May’n ep 15; “Northern Cross” by May’n ep 16-25.

Macross Frontier OP ~ “Triangler”

Macross Frontier ED ~ “Diamond Crevasse”


  • Zer0 says:

    i saw the first episode last year when they wanted to preview the show to the world and i have to say its really good, looks amazing kool characters, some are of couse are asses but it definitely a good watch.

  • ware4me says:

    Oh… I loved the original Macross saga, the SDF-1 was amazing. And the “Do you remember love?” movie was really awesome too.

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