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Soredemo Machi wa Mawatte Iru (2010)

Soredemo Machi wa Mawatte Iru
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At the Seaside maid café, Hotori Arashiyama is copying Hiroyuki Sanada’s math homework. For Hiroyuki, being this close to Hotori is a dream come true.

The next day at Oya High School, teacher Natsuhiko Moriaki punishes Hotori for copying. She complains to friends Toshiko Tatsuno and Harue Haribara that the stern lecture she’ll receive after school will make her late for her new part time job at the café.

Toshiko has a certain ideal of what a maid café should be and asks if she can visit. Upon arrival, she is severely disappointed with the welcome and level of service she receives. She demonstrates how a real café maid would welcome a customer. The owner, Uki Isohata, is so impressed with Toshiko’s performance that offers her a job on the spot. Toshiko cannot accept due to her school club commitments, but does offer to train Hotori.

The next customer to enter the café gets the full “Welcome home, master” treatment from Hotori, but he misinterprets the greeting and makes a pass at her. Surprised, Hotori strikes the guy.

Toshiko’s lesson continues with her teaching Hotori to use clumsiness as a charm point, with disastrous results. Customer number two is Hiroyuki. After learning that he’s a regular, smitten Toshiko reconsiders Uki’s offer and accepts the maid job.

The following day, Hotori and Toshiko are caught heading to work by Mr. Moriaki. Despite trying to escape, he manages to follow them to the café. He insists that they both obtain parental and school permission to work.

Using their maid charms the two girls have a battle of wills with their teacher. Only when he’s lecturing Hotori about her absentmindedness does Toshiko realize that Mr. Moriaki has forgotten about their getting permission to work.

Main Characters

Hotori Arashiyama is a clumsy, whiny and happy-go-lucky person. She has a love for detective stories and mysteries. She also has a deep dislike of mathematics, because she cannot see much value in it. Hotori works part-time at Maid Seaside Café after being told by the owner to repay the frequent curries she ate there as a child.

Toshiko Tatsuno is a school friend of Hotori who decided to work in the same café because she has a crush on Sanada, who is a regular customer. She has a stern nature but is very forgiving of Hotori’s strange behavior. She dislikes her nickname of “Tattsun”.

Hiroyuki Sanada is Hotori’s childhood friend and classmate. His father is a fisherman and he helps out often at his shop. His mother died when he was young. He has a crush on Hotori and is unaware of Toshiko’s feelings.

Soredemo Machi wa Mawatte Iru
Abbreviated as Sore-Machi, is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Masakazu Ishiguro. The manga started serialization in Young King OURs magazine on March 30, 2005, and eight bound volumes have been released in Japan as of November 2010. The anime adaptation began broadcasting on October 7, 2010.
S1. “DOWN TOWN” ~ Maaya Sakamoto
S1. “Maids Sanjou!” ~ Maids

OP ~ Down Town

ED ~ Maids Sanjou!