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Shadows House
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In a huge mansion, the Shadows are served and cared for by their own Dolls, who are required to clean up the soot that their masters emit every day.

A group of boys consume a drink and swear to serve the faceless family, who live in the House of Shadows all the time.

Today, Kate is about to receive a visit from her new partner, who wakes up very early, washes up and eats the breakfast that has been delivered directly to her small room.

Upon waking up from her, Kate observes her carefully, since they say that the Dolls are the reflection of how the shadows of their masters look like.

In general, the Dolls spend all day cleaning up the soot that their masters produce during the day, but the Shadow that has come to serve Kate seems very active and does not stop talking.

On the other hand, Kate is a very reserved and quiet shadow, but despite this, she decides to give her the name Emilico, based on one of her favorite books.

Emilico’s personality is extremely optimistic and somewhat clumsy, however, Kate decides to accept her, and even begins to teach her how to read.

Kate confesses that in her case, she emits soot every time she feels worried, angry or anxious, but with the passing of days, thanks to Emilico’s company, those feelings diminish considerably.

So, after a while, she is ordered to start cleaning beyond Kate’s room, and one day she notices other people and their dolls wandering the mansion.

Given her personality, Emilico does not hesitate to draw their attention, wanting to meet them, but she will discover that not everyone is as optimistic or friendly as she is.

Shadows House
Is a manga series written and illustrated by the duo So-ma-to (written and designed by Nori and illustrated by Hisshi). It has been serialized in Shueisha’s magazine Weekly Young Jump since 2018. An anime adaptation by CloverWorks premiered on April 11, 2021. The second season premiered in July 9, 2022.
S1. “A Hollow Shadow” ~ Kenichiro Suehiro
S2. “Shall We Dance?” ~ ReoNa
S1. “Nai Nai” ~ ReoNa
S2. “Masquerade” ~ ClariS
Kate Mirror
Kate Mirror

OP ~ A Hollow Shadow

ED ~ Nai Nai