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Isekai Nonbiri Nouka (2023)

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka
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After many years of suffering misfortune and disease, Hiraku has ceased to exist in this world.

To his surprise, in front of him appears a being of light that claims to be a god, who explains him that despite his experience, a god also makes mistakes, and the bad life that Hiraku led was due to that.

To try to remedy what happened, he offers Hiraku the opportunity to start a new life free of disease, and also asks if he wants to have any particular abilities.

Hiraku tells the god that in his last years bedridden in a hospital, he became a fan of a TV show about agriculture, so he would like to have such abilities.

God informs him that this is out of his jurisdiction, but that he will consult with the god of agriculture. And after a few minutes, he informs Hiraku that he will be given a divine tool to achieve his dream.

Hiraku is then transported away and wakes up in a new world. In the middle of a vast forest, he begins to explore and wonder if there is any civilization near the place.

He notices that there is a huge tree in the middle of the forest, and decides to walk near to it and start his adventure. Immediately, he begins testing his magical tool, discovering that it can transform into all sorts of artifacts.

As the days go by, he begins to develop all kinds of skills, and when he decides to plow the land, he wonders how he will be able to get seeds for his plantation.

Fortunately for him, thanks to his new powers, all he has to do is imagine the final product, and then the plants will begin to germinate in a couple of days.

Hiraku begins to settle down and equips his home in a modest way, and in order to take care of his new land, he builds a fence and pit around.

Days later, already with a guaranteed water supply, bathroom and roof, Hiraku receives a visit from two huge canines. And apparently, the female is about to have her puppies.

Hiraku offers them food and guides the female to the small hut he built. The next day, Hiraku discovers the newborn and inadvertently surrounds himself with some powerful allies.

Life improves day by day, and days later, a huge spider joins his community, making it easier for him to make clothes in exchange for food and lodging in the huge tree on his property.

After a few seasons, Hiraku feels somewhat lonely, and unexpectedly, one day he meets Rurushi Loo, a vampire fleeing from the persecution of a nobleman. She was fed up with him trying to seal her medicinal plants research and decided to punish him.

Hiraku is more than happy to be able to talk to someone, and without giving it much thought, he asks Rurushi Loo to stay with him. And although it was extremely rushed by him, she accepts the invitation.

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka
Also known as Farming Life in Another World, is a light novel series written by Kinosuke Naito and illustrated by Yasumo, published online via Shousetsuka ni Narou since 2016. A manga adaptation illustrated by Yasuyuki Tsurugi has been serialized in Fujimi Shobo’s Monthly Dragon Age magazine since 2017. An anime adaptation by Zero-G began airing on January 6, 2023.
S1. “Flower Ring” ~ Shino Shimoji, Aya Suzaki
S1. “Feel the winds” ~ Yui Hizuki
Hiraku Machio
Hiraku Machio
Rurushi Loo
Rurushi Loo

OP ~ Flower Ring

ED ~ Feel the winds