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When he was still a child, Hyouma lost his older siblings, but it wasn’t in an accident or something natural. Instead, because a tsukumogami lost control and mercilessly attacked them.

Thanks to the actions of his brothers, Hyouma was able to save his life, and after that, he began to deeply hate the tsukumogami, creatures that are somehow attracted to our world, some take human form and are docile, but others can be quite dangerous.

Hyouma and his brothers grew up as part of the Saenome clan, which for generations has dedicated itself to controlling and, in its case, exterminating the tsukumogami.

Years after the tragedy, Hyouma has become a professional, however to his grandfather Zouhei, who tells him that he has grown to become his pride and joy, he lives with such deep hatred for tsukumogami telling him it won’t solve anything in his life.

He reminds Hyouma that violence should be the last resort, but instead of listening and guiding the tsukumogami in order to seal them, Hyouma resorts to force to do so without taking them into account.

Zouhei has decided to take drastic measures, and tells him that he knows a young person who lives with six tsukumogami, and that they are all under her orders.

Hyouma can’t believe what his grandfather tells him, much less when he informs her that he has asked them to receive him, maybe then he will discover the true heart of the tsukumogami. And if he refuses to participate, his grandfather is prepared to cut him out of the Saenome clan.

Without hesitation, Hyouma accepts his grandfather’s orders and sets out on the journey. At his arrival, he is greeted by a pair of tsukumogami, Haori and Kushige, who gaze at the boy understand why Zouhei is worried.

The rest of the tsukumogami do not take long to arrive, and although at first they want to welcome him in their own way, Hyouma clearly tells them that he does not trust them, that he does not intend to work with them and will only observe them from a distance.

But as soon as Hyouma dares to say that perhaps their real intention is to take advantage of their protector, Botan, the tsukumogami get really upset with him.

One of them, Nagi, goes further and demands an apology, but Hyouma refuses to do so. Nagi punches him and Hyouma fights back without the other tsukumogami trying to stop them.

Nagi makes use of his powers and materializes two katanas, and before attacking him, he tells Hyouma that out of respect for Botan, he will not end his life. Instead of being scared, Hyouma tells him that with the same respect, he won’t destroy him.

The tsukumogami are surprised to see how Hyouma repels Nagi’s attacks, and even more once they receive a message from Botan, informing them that she will arrive from the university in a few minutes.

Haori orders the fight to stop, and that both Nagi and Hyouma are to be subdued, but in an instant, they all attack Hyouma, who can barely greet Botan before passing out.

Also known as Malevolent Spirits: Mononogatari, is a manga series written and illustrated by Onigunsou, first serialized in Shueisha’s Miracle Jump magazine from April 2014 to December 2015 and was later transferred to Ultra Jump in January 2016. An anime adaptation by Bandai Namco Pictures premiered in on January 10, 2023.
S1. “Koigoromo” ~ ARCANA PROJECT
S1. “rebind” ~ TRUE
Hyouma Kunato
Hyouma Kunato
Botan Nagatsuki
Botan Nagatsuki

OP ~ Koigoromo

ED ~ rebind