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Edomae Elf
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When she turned 16, Koito became the priestess or miko of the Takamimi Shrine, and if that was not enough, she is in charge of taking care of Elda, the beautiful deity of the place.

Sounds like a dream come true, however, Elda is a 621-year-old elf, who decided to stay on earth when the historical Tokugawa Ieyasu asked her to look and take care of his people.

After 400 years, Elda has seen how everything has grown and changed, and at one moment in time she has preferred to remain isolated from the community, although at the same time she enjoys and appreciates all the gifts that are brought to the temple.

For Koito, so far it has been somewhat complicated, since Elda usually stays up late playing, watching anime or reading manga. And when performing the temple prayers, she has to force her to cooperate.

Despite everything, Koito knows that the town’s inhabitants adore her and thank her for keeping an eye on their community, even after they have left this world.

Meanwhile at school, Koito often vents her frustrations talking to her best friend, who reminds her how good Elda has been to everyone.

But one day, Koito ends up showing her frustration in front of Elda, and in an instant she tells her that maybe she shouldn’t continue the tradition of being her caretaker.

Koito runs out of the temple leaving Elda alone in her room, as she always remains. Later, as she reflects, she remembers the day her mother died, and that at night a beautiful figure came to her to comfort her.

From that moment, she remembers that person with emotion, and wishes she could grow up to be elegant and kind like her one day.

To her surprise, Elda leaves the temple in search for Koito and appears in front of her to ask her to return to her side.

And to Koito’s amazement, Elda reminds her of the night they met, which turns out to be the same one that she treasures in her memory.

Edomae Elf
Also known as Otaku Elf, it is a manga series written and illustrated by Akihiko Higuchi, serialized in Kodansha’s Shounen Magazine Edge since June 2019. An anime adaptation by C2C premiered on April 8, 2023.
S1. “Kien Romance” ~ Akari Nanawo
S1. “Odoru Hikari” ~ Cody Lee
Koito Koganei
Koito Koganei

OP ~ Kien Romance

ED ~ Odoru Hikari