Denki gai no Honya san anime

Denki-gai no Hon’ya-san (2014)

Denki-gai no Hon`ya-san\
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Umanohone is a typical manga store in Japan; they offer all kind of goods, like video games, anime and doujinshi.

You wll be able to understand several roles that help business on a daily basis. Hio is a part-time clerk, she is not an expert, but likes working in the store, she panics easily, especially when Kantoku, her chief, begins to make fun of her.

You will meet Sensei, another part-time clerk, she dreams on becoming a recognized author. She has published several doujinshi books already. Fu Girl is a high school student, she appears to be shy, but anytime someone talks about zombies, she freaks out.

Kameko is another part-time clerk, she is always around when a picture is needed, and she loves taking pictures. However, sometimes she gets lonely, wondering if she fits in the group.

Besides Kantoku, you will find a real expert known as Sommelier, he is a silent person, but has all kind of recommendations for the customers.

Finally, you will meet Umio, a new employee, and a hard-core otaku, in this case, the term applies perfectly.

Daily activities take place, and all employees participate. One day, Sensei is tired and begins to dream while standing in front of a machine. Suddenly, Kantoku appears and ask Hio for some help.

A grown up woman is in the store, she looks suspicious as she checks the adult books aisle. She is Ero Hon G Men, a government employee, who controls the content of adult media.

Kantoku wants Hio to ask her if she needs any kind of help. Instead, she bluntly asks her if she loves porn. Ero Hon G Men is surprised, but deep in her heart she knows it is true.

She introduces herself and asks to secure some books to avoid younger customers to view the content. Hio and Umio begin to label the books, and Hio finds out what Boy Love means, she freaks out when Umio begins to ask strange questions, and even more when she sees that Kantoku owns a huge collection of videos from her.

Later that day, Umio attends his first Sommelier party in the store, customers gather for new recommendations. In addition, Sommelier is an expert, without words, he is able to share his expertise with young readers.

Moreover, everyone is amazed when Ero Hon G Men appears, it might means troubles, but once Sommelier recommends her an erotic book, she is delighted. Fortunately, for them, she has come as a fanatic, and not a government employee.

Denki-gai no Hon`ya-san
A manga series written and illustrated by Asato Mizu. It began serialization in the July 2011 issue of Media Factory’s Comic Flapper magazine. An anime series adaptation produced by Shin-Ei Animation began on October 2, 2014.
S1. “Kajirikake no Ringo” ~ Ayana Taketatsu
S1. “two-Dimension’s Love” ~ denk!girls
Fu Girl

OP ~ Kajirikake no Ringo

ED ~ two-Dimension’s Love