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Okashi na Tensei
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A renowned pastry chef is excited to share his creations with the world, and by participating in a global competition, he feels like he lives in a land of sweets.

However, halfway through the competition, something goes wrong and a huge candy sculpture falls on him, fatally injuring him.

While he loses consciousness he thinks that it is very unfair, and that despite his efforts he was not able to fulfill his dreams. In those moments, he listens a delicate voice, which tells him that he will have another chance.

The experienced pastry chef is reborn as Pastry Mille Morteln, keeping his knowledge and skills, but discovers that in his new world there are no ingredients to prepare his beloved desserts.

Despite this, he acknowledges that his father, a relatively new noble, has worked hard to bring welfare to his community. And with hard work they have managed to harvest good quality wheat.

At the age of nine years old, Pastry often shares a few ideas with the villagers, and thanks to him, they have managed to prosper more than expected. However, it is not possible to grow sugar cane, and therefore he cannot prepare any dessert.

Now, alarming news arrives, as a group of bandits prepares to invade the lands where Pastry lives. With a few weeks of preparation, they decide to advance the ceremony in which the boy will discover his magical powers.

Days later, Pastry and his father travel to a big city, where Pastry discovers all kinds of ingredients, and starts planning how to use them to bake his creations.

Finally, at the time of his ceremony, Pastry has to undergo a strange ritual to awaken his magical powers, which end up being impressive.

Okashi na Tensei
Also known as Sweet Reincarnation, is a light novel series written by Nozomu Koryu and illustrated by Yasuyuki Shuri, published in the Shousetsuka ni Narou website since February 2015, and later acquired by TO Books in October 2015. A manga adaptation, written by Midori Tomizawa and illustrated by Seriko Iida, has been serialized in the Comic Corona manga service since December 2017. An anime adaptation by SynergySP premiered in July 4, 2023.
S1. “Brand new day” ~ sana
S1. “Fuumi Zekka” ~ YuNi
Pastry Mille Morteln
Pastry Mille Morteln

OP ~ Brand new day

ED ~ Fuumi Zekka