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Gatchaman Crowds

It’s 2015 and we are in the city of Tachikawa, where people known as Gatchaman live.

Sugane Tachibana has been part of the G-Crew for five years, and now he is expecting a new member to join the group. Meanwhile, it’s early in the morning and Hajime Ichinose is staring at her new stationery, she seems to love note books and she even refer to them as persons.

Hajime is really energetic and doesn’t care much about anything; she is happy and runs to the roof to watch the sky. Suddenly a tall man, JJ, appears before her eyes, she is not surprised and simply asks who he is?

The man starts telling her the story of powerful men and women who will save humanity, simply saying that she has power inside herself and that it’s time for her to become a Gatchaman.

A note book with special powers is delivered to her and Hajime has no hesitation at all and runs to meet the real Gatchaman. Actually, Sugane is in the middle of a mission and Hajime is able to see him in action.

Later that day, Sugane brings Hajime to the Gatchaman’s hideout where she meets the other members, Jou Hibiki, O.D., Utsu-tsu, and their leader, Paiman.

Sugane explains that their duty is to protect Earth from a hostile alien race known as the MESS. Hajime and Sugane are soon called upon by JJ to fight a MESS at the bus station, during which Hajime transforms for the first time.

Gatchaman Crowds (ガッチャマンクラウズ)

An anime series that is based on the 1972 anime series Science Ninja Team Gatchaman.

The 12 episode anime is directed by Kenji Nakamura at Tatsunoko Production, the studio that also produced the original series. It began airing on July 12, 2013.

OP: “Crowds” by White Ash
ED: “Innocent Note” by Hajime Ichinose

Hajime Ichinose

High School Student

Rui Ninomiya




Berg Katze

Malicious being?

Sugane Tachibana


Joe Hibiki

University Graduate

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