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After brushing away a groping hand, Tina dresses up in her thief outfit, and makes for the palace with her fairy companion Sherry. Bringing a mascot with you on a stealth mission is a bad idea, and Sherry proves very quickly.

Tina and Sherry decide to return, but suddenly find themselves witness to a stabbing. The victim is Prince Gernia from a neighboring kingdom, stabbed by no less than Rita, the princess of Wellber! Two screams later, and the guards are bursting in, intent on doing harm to both Rita and Tina.

Rita, the princess of the Kingdom of Wellber, stabs her sadist betrothed, prince Gernia of Sangatras, and flees the city together with Tina, a feisty cat burglar who has given her refuge and offered to hire on as her bodyguard. Rita must travel on a secret diplomatic mission to the remote Kingdom of Greedom in a last ditch attempt to prevent a full-scale war between Wellber and Sangatras.

Main Characters

Princess Rita is to be married to Prince Gernia of nearby Sangatras, a political marriage to prevent another war between the two countries. When the marriage plans go drastically awry, and Princess Rita is forced to flee the country on a mission to far-off Greedom, hoping to prevent the coming war, she finds a companion and friendship in Tina, who has her own reasons for travelling to Greedom.

Tina Lawter is a professional cat burglar, Tina gets involved with the kingdom’s princess Rita when she breaks into the royal palace to steal a golden statue. Tina is very skilled with her pistols, but prefers not to kill people. She was hired by Weiss as Rita’s bodyguard, and the two of them have set out for the kingdom of Greedom, where Tina hopes to find the murderer of her parents.

Rita Sior is a princess in the Kingdom of Wellber. She stabs the Sangatras kingdom’s prince, her betrothed who was attempting to rape her, and flees the palace together with Tina. To prevent a war with Sangatras, Rita’s only hope is to travel to the neutral Kingdom of Greedom on a secret diplomatic mission. Surprisingly, for a sheltered princess, Rita is quite proficient in hand-to-hand combat. Later, she becomes affectionate towards Tina and is shown in one episode thanking Tina with a warm kiss on the cheek.

Cyrano de Bergerac, a highly mobile and unusually well-armed tankette with an advanced A.I. Serving as a transportation vehicle in lieu of a horse for Rita, Cyrano refuses to let commoners such as Tina mount him. He appears to be named after Cyrano de Bergerac, a 17th century French dramatist.

Sherry is a sprite that is friends with Tina. She has the habit of finishing every sentence with the word “beru“.

Galahad Eiger is a military officer of Sangatras and a friend of Prince Gernia since childhood, he made it his personal mission to avenge Gernia by killing Rita. His sword has a pistol hidden within, which he would use for ranged combat as well as to wound unsuspecting opponents. After learning Gernia’s secret, however, he deserted with his ultimate intention unknown to others.

Wellber no Monogatari: Sisters of Wellber
(ウエルベールの物語 ~Sisters of Wellber~)
Is a fantasy anime series animated by Trans Arts (with production assistance by Production I.G.). Directed by Takayuki Hamana, the director behind the renowned Prince of Tennis TV series and animated movies, Sisters of Wellber began airing in Japan on Tokyo MX, Mētele, ABC, and AT-X in April 2007. A related manga, MUZZLE-LOADER ~Wellber Stories~ (MUZZLE-LOADER ~ウエルベールの物語~, MUZZLE-LOADER ~Werubēru no Monogatari~?), has begun serialization on February 28, 2007 in Monthly Comic Blade, one of Mag Garden’s magazines. A second season is expected tu debut on the Fall season for 2007.
S1. “Theme of Wellber” ~ Akio Dobashi
S1. “Kizuna -eternal rainbow-” ~ E.O.D

ED ~ Kizuna -eternal rainbow-

Sisters of Wellber AMV

  1. Oh…this doesn’t look bad—and why do I have this certain feeling that it has shoujo-ai written all over it?

  2. Mienubile;5586 wrote: Oh…this doesn’t look bad—and why do I have this certain feeling that it has shoujo-ai written all over it?

    There isn’t enough shoujo-ai in this one >.< Shoujo-ai is like cake icying in this one… You see that it is there, but you can’t taste it at all, and it doesn’t take away from the flavour of the cake.

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