Is anime violent or wicked?

Is anime violent or wicked?

I am alone on a sunny afternoon in front of my computer. The minutes pass slowly; tired of looking for information on politics, I decide to access the YouTube website.

Thousands of videos at my disposal, it’s just a matter of looking for one that interests me, I think for a few moments. I see my anime posters that I have on the wall. An idea comes to my mind, I decide to look for videos of my favorite childhood series: Candy Candy, Mazinger Z, Dragon Ball, Saint Seiya.

I really had a good idea. I relax for a moment, they bring back so many memories: my friends from elementary school, my mother’s scolding for not taking my eyes off the television, the rush to finish my homework to watch the premiere episode; it’s like time goes backwards, I feel like a child again!

I was once scolded for watching anime, because they said that it absorbed my attention. I am aware that any practice, no matter how healthy it may seem, in excess can cause dependency. I know people who are addicted to the internet, studying, sports or food.

I have also witnessed how anime have been cataloged as instigators of violence when in your own home, you can live in an environment of domestic violence; stories of children who committed crimes say they were inspired by examples “took from anime”.

Honestly, I’ve never seen evidence of it. In any case, anime can cause children to see violence as something normal within their social context. It is the obligation of parents to clarify to their children how far the limits of reality end to enter the world of fiction.

Also, anime has been linked to sex. It’s embarrassing, but it’s a reality that hentai has come to satisfy the most perverse needs of human beings; however, it must be taken into account that just as commercial films are classified according to the audience they are directed at, anime has a classification that, if it were well used, children not suitable for a certain Japanese series would not be watching it on television. either local or cable.

Anime is a form of human expression, virtual worlds that fascinate the human eye. Here is the reason for its success. Source: Marvin López.