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Nokemono-tachi no Yoru
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During the 19th century, life is not easy, much less if you are an orphan girl. Wisteria has long been forced by a priest to beg on the streets of London.

For the innocent girl, her job is to move people to give her a few coins, but for the priest it is not enough, and he constantly torments her punching her or leaving her without food.

And despite her suffering, lately she looks forward to the night, and when the time comes, she can see Marbas, a legendary demon that she met one day in the city.

Marbas has lived a long time, and now he is terribly bored, for that reason, he decides to visit London, looking for someone who can see him.

While he walks, he sees Wisteria begging for some coins, it occurs to him to ask her if that is the kind of life she wants for her entire existence, and to his surprise, the girl is scared when she sees him.

From then on, Marbas visits Wisteria at night, telling her stories from his life so that she can fall asleep.

Some time later, the priest informs Wisteria that he has found a buyer for her, that it is a noble man, who may be able to give her a comfortable life in the future.

The girl cannot believe that her life is so insignificant, as she remembers when her brother was sold and taken away from her.

Wisteria decides to tell Marbas everything, and implores him to make a pact with her to avoid becoming a slave, but the demon tells her that his life is eternal and he does not need to sign any pact with humans.

Resigned, Wisteria is dressed and transported to the house of the nobleman who bought her. He receives her with words of comfort, but as soon as he takes her to his room, she discovers that the man likes to torture girls like her, even to death.

Meanwhile, in London, Marbas watches as two Knights of the Sword Cross arrive at the church of the priest who sold to Wisteria.

Without mercy, the Knights of the Sword Cross tell him that they know about his business and that they have closely followed a powerful demon to eliminate it.

When the priest tells them that he just sold a silver-haired girl to a masochist, who seems to see ghosts, Snow loses his mind and beats him endlessly, thinking it is his little sister Wisteria.

Marbas listens carefully and decides to intervene, even if it means violating an ancient pact between demons.

Before Wisteria sustains any serious injury, Marbas appears and demands that the man sells the young woman to him, but he refuses to do it. At that moment, a powerful demon, who previously made a pact with the man, manifests.

The demon begins to attack Marbas, and when he returns to his original form, he surprises the demon, as it is dealing with one of the most powerful calamities in the world, but by not making a pact with Wisteria, he suffers the consequences.

She knows that she must make a pact with Marbas, and that she must give him something in exchange, and as if her life is of no use to him, she decides to give him her eyes, which allowed her to meet him.

In such way, Marbas ends with the demon, and although Wisteria has lost her sight, she is happy to be able to continue her life with him.

Later, the Knights of the Cross of the Sword arrive at the place and discover that a demon has taken Wisteria, and now Snow begins the hunt.

Nokemono-tachi no Yoru
Also known as The Tale of Outcasts or Nokemono, is a manga series written and illustrated by Makoto Hoshino, serialized in Shogakukan’s Weekly Shounen Sunday from August 2019 to April 2021. An anime adaptation by Ashi Productions premiered on January 8, 2023.
S1. “Ashita no Katachi” ~ Ayana Taketatsu
S1. “Rewrite” ~ Hakubi
Wisteria Langley
Wisteria Langley
Snow Langley
Snow Langley

OP ~ Ashita no Katachi

ED ~ Rewrite