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Everything starts near a large tree next to a temple where a young boy has just caught a black spider and puts it happily into a plastic bug-box. As the boy enjoys his achievement a girl steps up behind him and puts her hands on the boy’s shoulders.

The boy turns around and stares at the beautiful older girl who has long hair. The girl smiles at the boy, reaches out her hand, and gently touches the top of the boy’s head. Suddenly a strong wind appears out of nowhere and the boy closes his eyes for an instant. When the boy reopens his eyes the girl is gone, as is the spider that was in the boy’s plastic box.

Jin Mikuriya who has just finished carving a piece of tree trunk. The carving is very heavy, so Jin leaves it alone while he gets ready to go to school, but just as Jin is about to leave, the carving, which is standing on the ground just outside of Jin’s house, starts to suck up dirt and grow. The carving then splits apart and from inside appears a girl.

It turns out that the girl is a goddess whose spirit inhabited the tree that grew outside the temple where Jin collected strange bugs when he was a kid. But the temple was abandoned and torn down, the tree was cut down, and Jin obtained a piece of the tree trunk for his carving.

The goddess is quite unhappy when she finds out what has happened to her tree and temple, and complains that now evil spirits will get loose and there is nothing she can do about it.

A large centipede comes up and crawls on the girl’s leg. The girl says that the centipede is one of the evil spirits that she can no longer control. But Jin simply picks the centipede off of the girl, and throws it to the ground, where the centipede vanishes.

The girl is surprised at Jin’s ability to touch the evil spirit, and then finds out that she and Jin can together easily destroy the spirits at will. At this revelation the girl introduces herself as Nagi and tells Jin that she intends to live with him while they get rid of the evil bug-spirits from the town.

Jin is more than nervous about this situation because he is currently living on his own and he is concerned about what everyone will say about them living together. Jin is also nervous because he finds Nagi quite attractive, but he agrees to a temporary accommodation and starts to prepare for having a goddess as a roommate.

Main Characters

Nagi is a goddess who wakes up after years of slumber with Jin’s unexpected help. Her mission as a deity is to cleanse the impurities of the world, but as her powers have weakened over time, her body is easily harmed by them, and she ends up having to do it with the help of Jin and brandishing an improvised exorcist staff created using a magical girl-themed toy baton.

Jin Mikuriya, after using a part of a fallen sacred tree to make a sculpture of a girl, he inadvertently brings Nagi back to life. Since then, Nagi lives in his house and counts on his help to hunt down the impurities as he is able to catch them with his bare hands, a task impossible to Nagi due to her weakened state.

Tsugumi Aoba is Jin’s childhood friend who harbors a crush on him. She is concerned about Jin living alone with another girl despite Nagi fabricating a story about being his half-sister.

Zange is another goddess and Nagi’s twin sister. Opposite to Nagi who had her powers weakened due to her sacred tree being cut down, Zange’s tree is still intact and located in a church’s courtyard, thus she is still able to catch and cleanse impurities by herself. The fact that she switched her character to that of a Catholic nun, as it is a stronger religion, contributed to her divinity being intact. Despite seemingly being kind and caring on the outside, she usually takes advantage of Nagi’s weakened state to torment her.

Hakua Suzushiro is a girl from Jin’s school possessed by Zange. Zange claims that Hakua willingly accepted to be her host, but Nagi claims that despite this, it may put too much stress into her body. Both Zange and Hakua develop a liking for Jin and decide to bring him to their side.

Daitetsu Hibiki is Jin’s friend and a member of the art club. Jin hopes to be as talented as him in art. Despite his imposing figure, he has a love for cats.

Meguru Akiba, despite dedicating himself to drawing manga, he claims to have joined the art club instead of the manga club because he could not stand the otaku behavior of its members, although Akiba is quite the otaku himself. Thanks to: D. Baranyi

Is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by manga author Eri Takenashi. The manga began serialization in the Japanese shounen manga magazine Comic Rex on December 9, 2005, published by Ichijinsha. An anime adaptation will be produced by the animation studio A-1 Pictures, is directed by Yutaka Yamamoto, and the screenplay is written by Hideyuki Kurata. The anime first aired in Japan on October 4, 2008.
S1. “motto☆Hade ni ne!” ~ Haruka Tomatsu
S1. “Musuhi no Toki” ~ Haruka Tomatsu

OP ~ motto☆Hade ni ne!

ED ~ Musuhi no Toki