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As a ninja, Gabimaru has always been the best and most ruthless in Iwakagure.

Despite being a natural born and trained killer, Gabimaru has received the opportunity to marry the clan leader’s daughter. Despite being known as Gabimaru The Hollow, over time he has learned what love is.

Gabimaru constantly thinks about his wife, and although he doesn’t understand it, he longs to be able to give her a dignified and peaceful life.

One day, he makes the mistake of telling his intentions to the clan leader, and he does not hesitate to punish him for his audacity. And days later, during a mission, his companions betray him and allow him to be captured.

Now, Gabimaru has been sentenced to be executed, however, for some reason he has not died at the hands of his captors, who have not hesitated to try to cut his throat or immolate him several times.

In the distance, Sagiri carefully watches Gabimaru. She is a government official with a very particular mission, but before communicating her intentions, she interrogates Gabimaru for several days.

Sagiri begins to understand why Gabimaru has not been executed, because he unconsciously wants to return home to his wife.

Gabimaru fails to understand this, at least until the day Sagiri challenges him, and like no other person, she tries to kill him with all her might using her sword.

Shocked, Gabimaru breaks free and tries to defend himself, at that moment Sagiri tells him that if he wants to live, he has a one chance to win his freedom back if he helps her find the elixir of eternal life in Shinsenkyo.

From that moment on, Gabimaru regains his ambition to meet his wife again, and swears that he will not fail in his mission.

Also known as Hell’s Paradise, is a manga series written and illustrated by Yuji Kaku, serialized for free on Shueisha’s Shounen Jump+ application and website from January 2018 to January 2021. An anime adaptation produced by MAPPA premiered in April 1, 2023.
S1. “WORK” ~ millenium parade ✕ Ringo Sheena
S1. “Kamihitoe” ~ Uru


ED ~ Kamihitoe