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For a few years now, Mitsumi has had a plan for her future, and in order to achieve it, she plans to attend school in Tokyo.

Thanks to her determination and hard work, her grades have allowed her to enter a prestigious school, and at last, she is ready for her first day of school.

But despite all of her preparations, Mitsumi immediately discovers that moving in Tokyo is not the same as in her small rural town.

Her aunt cannot accompany her to the first day ceremony, where Mitsumi must give the entrance speech, as she has obtained the best grades in her entrance exam.

Getting on the subway, Mitsumi starts having all kinds of problems, meanwhile, Sousuke, another freshman, is in no greater hurry to get to school.

On his way, Sousuke notices Mitsumi outside a bathroom and decides to ask her if she’s alright. She is already panicked, running late for the opening ceremony and decides to rely on Sousuke to find the right path to school.

Sousuke is immediately struck by how open is Mitsumi, and even more to see how she does not hesitate to take off her shoes to run up the hill where their new school is located, and he decides to run next to her and enjoy the moment.

Very agitated, Mitsumi arrives on time, and from memory, she gives a very eloquent speech. But as soon as she’s done, the good impression she left on her peers is completely erased when she vomits on the teacher in charge of her class.

Mitsumi worries about it, and hopes she is not remembered by that all year long and everyone avoids talking to her, and at first glance, it seems that it will be that way.

However, at that moment, Sousuke appears in front of her and tells her that he wants to exchange his phone contact with her. He is a very attractive young man, and obviously everyone turns to look at them with interest.

Back at home, Mitsumi brags to her childhood best friend about everything that happened, of course, she avoids telling her that she got lost on her way and almost didn’t make it on time.

Meanwhile, Sousuke meets up with some friends and although he seems to have a reputation for being somewhat irresponsible, he unexpectedly leaves them and decides to go home. He tells them that he had a lot of fun that day, and that he prefers to go to bed early, so he won’t be late for class in the morning.

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A manga series written and illustrated by Misaki Takamatsu, serialized in Kodansha’s Monthly Afternoon since August 2018. An anime adaptation by P.A. Works premiered in April 4, 2023.
S1. “Mellow” ~ Keina Suda
S1. “Hanauta to Mawarimichi” ~ Rikako Aida
Mitsumi Iwakura
Mitsumi Iwakura
Sousuke Shima
Sousuke Shima

OP ~ Mellow

ED ~ Hanauta to Mawarimichi