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A new year, and new expectations to be fulfilled, no? Either way, that happens in almost every aspect of our days, and anime is not different. Certainly, you have to be ready for a new Winter Season.

First of all, it seems that several comedies will try to catch your attention in the next weeks, from the mysterious GOSICK, passing through the romantic Kimi ni Todoke 2, the fantastic Dragon Crisis or the totally dangerous Mitsudomoe Zouryouchuu!

And if you want some action, finally, Beelzebub and IS: Infinite Stratos will be aired this season. Also, you can add an alien living with a high school student in Level E, gamble alongside Rio -Rainbow Gate!-, try another Marvel title in Wolverine or live a lonely futuristic life in Fractale.

Now, if your heart is soft and tender, don’t miss the magic in Mahou Shoujou Madoka Magica, try to understand your family feelings in Mai no Mahou to Katei no Hi, start preparations for a war with cats in Yumekui Merry or follow the never ending adventures of Suite Precure.

Of course, if your heart is looking for something more ecchi, you know there will be something right for you, no? How about Freezing, where a war with mankind has been declared, and some female warriors will try to defend us from evil. Or maybe you need something less complicated like the ‘I love my older brother’ in Onii-chan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara ne!!

Finally, if you want to watch something different, maybe you can try Moshidora, based on a business novel entitled: ‘What If the Female Manager of a High-School Baseball Team Read Drucker’s “Management”?’

And if you love OVA, there are plenty of them this season. From the D.C. Da Capo world, follow T.P. Sakura: Time Paladin Sakura. Or let the never ending goddess love reach your heart in Aa! Megami-sama! (2011). Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas – Meiou Shinwa Dai-2-Shou will follow the unfinished arc of the series. And Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu: Matsuri will prepare you for its next anime season.

Have an animated 2011!


  • Shunjino says:

    Finally!!!! πŸ˜€ can’t wait anymore animes need to watch new ones i almost got nothing:( no more

  • ware4me says:

    I know, don’t know if it was just me, but the Fall Season barely caught my attention. :lol;

  • Pearl Milk Tea says:

    Let’s see I will watch…

    Yumeiku Merry – the summary intrigues me

    Freezing – don’t really know much about it. someone suggested it to me. and the brief summary sounds like my type of anime

    Kore wa zombie desuka – zombie, necromancer, vampire ninja, and a loli with chainsaw?! Hell yea! I’m in!

    Kampfer fur die liebe – I watched the first season, so why not

    Valkyria Chronicles – same as above

    Infinite Stratos – not sure about this one. seems like a typical harem mecha anime. it doesn’t really stand out, but I’ll check it out if I’m bored enough.

    Rio Rainbow Gate – for weekly fanservice digestion

  • ware4me says:

    GOSICK and Moshidora might be interesting. :eatme:

  • Pearl Milk Tea says:

    They didn’t really catch my attention. But Gosick looks popular, and the animation seems to be nice.

    Moshidora… not sports person. ;p

  • ware4me says:

    You’ll watch it not practice the sport πŸ˜†

  • LittleVexy says:

    Which anime was about a succubus?! x.x

  • ware4me says:

    Maybe Yumekui Merry or Koew wa Zombie desuka? :catfight:

  • LittleVexy says:

    ware4me;28967 wrote: Maybe Yumekui Merry or Koew wa Zombie desuka? :catfight:

    Actually… found it~! :3:

    Astallote no Omocha!

    Starts on April 10th 2011 (so… spring season?)

    In the medieval fantasy world of Alfheimr, succubus princess Astrarotte Ygvar, the first princess of the kingdom of Ygvar, has just reached the age of 10. For the coming years of a young succubus life, it is necessary for them to have a male harem. In order to maintain their body and preserve their beautiful appearance, they must consume a substance only found on males. This substance is a liquid called Sauzfryma, better known as semen. The princess, however, bears a great dislike against men, and only agrees to create a harem if a human male is to join. In the human world Midgar, young father Touhara Naoya was greeted by a suspicious lady one day, claiming that she is a fortune teller. She also claims that she can help him find the perfect job fitted for him. Even though it seems suspicious, he accepts the free consultation in order to support himself and his young daughter. After meeting in the park with the suspicious lady a day later, he suddenly found himself in Alfheimr, a medieval fantasy realm located on a different world. The mysterious lady uncloaks her true identity as the Head Chamberlain of the kingdom of Ygvarland. He was then lead to the palace of Ygvarland, and there, the job he accepted was finally revealed; he was to become a human candidate for princess Astrarotte`s harem.


  • ware4me says:

    Yeah, that will be on spring :p

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