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On August 10, 2010, a.t.b., the Holy Empire of Britannia overpowered Japanese forces and conquered the country with their robotic weapons, the Knightmare Frames, in less than a month. In the aftermath of Britannia’s invasion, Japan lost its freedom and rights and was renamed Area 11.

The Japanese people, renamed as “Elevens”, were forced to survive in ghettos, while Britannians lived in first-class settlements. Rebel elements persisted, however, as pockets of Japanese organizations who struggled against the Empire for the independence of Japan.

After his father, the Emperor of Britannia, didn’t prevent the assassination of his mother, an attack which also left his sister blind and crippled, the young prince named Lelouch vowed to destroy Britannia. Seven years later, living in Area 11, he encounters a mysterious girl who gives him the power of Geass.

With it, he finally has the power that he needs to defeat Britannia and fulfill his two wishes: to seek revenge for his mother and to construct a world in which his beloved sister can live happily.

Main Characters

Lelouch Lamperouge is, seemingly, an ordinary 17-year-old student at the Ashford Academy, Lelouch Lamperouge, also called Lelou by his friends, is in fact the son of the Emperor of Britannia and the late Empress Marianne and a member of the Britannia Imperial Family. His real name is Lelouch Vi Britannia and he was the eleventh prince in line for the title of seventeenth emperor of the britannian empire prior to his mother’s assassination. In an incident, he gained the power of Geass and started his quest on destroying Britannia under the mask, Zero. At the same time, Lelouch tries to make a place where there is no hatred or conflict for his sister Nunnally before she is able to see again.

Suzaku Kururugi si Lelouch’s childhood friend and son of Japan’s last prime minister. He is in the service of the Britannia Army as a soldier, and was chosen to test a new model of the Knightmare Frame, Lancelot. Suzaku claims achieving results by wrong or illegal methods is meaningless and does not approve of Zero’s actions.

C.C. is a mysterious green-haired girl who bestows the power of Geass upon Lelouch under the condition that he would grant her greatest wish. Her abilities caught the interest of Britannia and she was imprisoned as a part of Britannia’s experiments in the past. She passively oversees Lelouch’s missions to ensure that he does not die and to help his plans succeed.

Nunnally Lamperouge is Lelouch’s younger sister, who is wheelchair-bound due to bullet wounds on her legs, as well as blind due to psychological trauma from witnessing the brutal assassination of her mother. She is the primary reason for which Lelouch wishes to overthrow Britannia and create a new world. It was revealed that she became the new governor-general of Area 11.

Kallen Stadtfeld is a Britannian-Eleven girl, who believes herself to be a Japanese person at heart and prefers to be known by her birth name. Her father is Britannian and her mother is an Eleven; due to her father, she comes from a prestigious Britannian family and attends the Ashford Academy, where she is a member of its student council and is one of its most outstanding students. In the second episode, Lelouch orders Kallen and other Elevens to attack the Britannian forces in the Shinjuku Ghetto. She is a member of Order of the Black Knights. More at: Wiki

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion (コードギアス 反逆のルルーシュ) is an anime television series, created by Sunrise. Directed by Gorou Taniguchi and written by Ichirou Oukouchi, both of whom had earlier worked on another Sunrise series, the acclaimed Planetes, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion features original character designs by Clamp.

The first season of the series premiered across Japan on MBS from October 5, 2006, and concluded its run on July 28, 2007; spanning 25 episodes.

EDIT: Thanks to Zer0 for the info. 🙂

Title: Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion (2006)
Kanji: コードギアス 反逆のルルーシュ (2006)
Opening Theme: “COLORS” by FLOW eps 1-12; “Kaidoku Funou” by Jinn eps 13-23; “Hitomi no Tsubasa” by Access eps 24-25.
Ending Theme: “Yuukyou Seishunka” by Ali Project ep 1-12; “Mosaic Kakera” by SunSet Swish ep 13-23; “COLORS” by FLOW ep 24-25; “Innocent Days” by Hitomi ep 25.

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion OP ~ “COLORS”

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion ED ~ “Yuukyou Seishunka”


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    Oh no! 4me is out of the job now :agony:

    Good job Zer0 :3:

  • ware4me says:

    I am? x.x

    Well… Zer0 searched for most of the info, so he deserves it, no? :3:

    Hmm… how did we miss this series?

    Is it because 4me isn’t mecha oriented? 😆

  • LittleVexy says:

    No youtube links to OP and ED?

  • ware4me says:

    Hmm? I just watch them… they are alive and kicking :drop:

  • LittleVexy says:

    ware4me;11059 wrote: Hmm? I just watch them… they are alive and kicking :drop:

    Ooops… My browser’s plug-ins were disabled… :drop:

  • Zer0 says:

    this has been like the best show out for like 2 years. in my opinion.

    its just soo epic and entertaining. my stomach is like all crunched in when i start to watch it, its great. can wait for episode 10 of R2.

  • stukasa says:

    Code Geass is one of the only shows I’m following right now. It’s a very entertaining show, though I think they’re trying to do too much with it. I’d like them to resolve some of the current storyline points before introducing a bunch of new ones. That’s really only a minor complaint, though. The artwork, animation, voice acting, and story are all great. :3:

  • ware4me says:

    Well… after so many months, or years, finally i’m watching this… don’t know, there is something i dislike in ‘Lulu’. And also Suzaku… he is so naive. 😆

    Either way, the characters are really nice done. Will end watching, because i promised Zer0 :p

  • stukasa says:

    ware4me;20089 wrote: Well… after so many months, or years, finally i’m watching this… don’t know, there is something i dislike in ‘Lulu’. And also Suzaku… he is so naive. 😆

    Either way, the characters are really nice done. Will end watching, because i promised Zer0 :p

    Lelouch is a great anti-hero. He’s the main character of the story but he’s not really “good” (but he’s definitely very interesting!). I liked this show a lot, there were many twists and turns along the way that make you want to keep watching more. :p

  • ware4me says:

    Oh… I realized he is not good in the first episode, that’s for sure :drop:

    And you can feel CLAMP in the storyline and a little in the characters.

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