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Mysterious gory murders are occurring in Ayanagi City, a city located near the Sea of Japan. There are murders where the victim is “reversed”, in other words, they are turned inside out. Its police force begins to investigate several cases involving a mysterious illness called the Apathy Syndrome.

Young Police Superintendent Ryou Kanzato is in the midst of investigating the murders when he finds one being committed. The murders are actually being done via psychic beings known as “personas” which have immense powers and a taste for eating the persona of others. Fortunately for Kanzato, he too has Persona Powers and is able to stop the assault of a

Simultaneously, Ryou’s two younger brothers return to their family home after living away for the past ten years. Middle brother Shin dreams of various Personas and is unaware that he has a Persona himself. Youngest brother Jun has conversations with his long dead twin sister.

Main Characters

Shin Kanzato is a seventeen-year-old protagonist. He is a second-year student at Naginomori Gakuen High School. He always carries a pendant with the shape of a feather which is a memento of his father. He also has an interest in art, having several models and is frequently seen sketching. Strangely, his artworks always resemble Personas and in one case, Igor. Soon, he awakens his own Persona.

Ryou Kanzato is Shin’s brother, eldest of the three at twenty-eight. His personality is stoic to the point of being cold, even towards his younger brothers. He entered the police in order to investigate the strange incidents, becoming the youngest superintendent in history. In the first episode he is revealed to have a “Persona” of his own, though he doesn’t use an Evoker like the main characters did in Persona 3, instead he seems to use his glasses as he removes them before summoning his Persona. A bottle of pills was briefly shown on his desk, perhaps similar to the suppressant drugs Strega used.

Jun Kanzato is the youngest of the Kanzato brothers, and a third-year student at Naginomori Gakuen Middle School. He began to lose the will to live after an incident that happened at the time their parents disappeared eight years ago. He had a twin sister, Yuki, whose dress he keeps. Oddly, Ryou overheard Jun seemingly speaking to a girl, presumably Yuki. More at: Wiki

Persona -trinity soul- (ペルソナ トリニティ・ソウル) is a Japanese anime TV series. It is the sequel to the PlayStation 2 game Persona 3, taking place ten years after its events. Produced by Aniplex and animated by its A-1 Pictures animation studio, the series premiered in Japan on MBS, Tokyo MX and Animax from January 2008. It will feature music by Taku Iwasaki.

Title: Persona -trinity soul- (2007)
Kanji: ペルソナ トリニティ・ソウル (2007)
Opening Theme: “Breakin’ Through” by Shuuhei Kita
Ending Theme: “SUICIDES LOVE STORY” by Nana Kitade

Persona -trinity soul- OP ~ “Breakin’ Through”

Persona -trinity soul- ED ~ “SUICIDES LOVE STORY”


  • Zer0 says:

    i’ve been meaning to watch this, i wonder if they shoot themselves in the head.

  • ware4me says:

    LOL the main characters? They can’t they must reach 12-13 episodes. :p

  • Zer0 says:

    well theres this game called persona same thing i think so i thought they might use the same methods.

    they use some strange gun and shoot themselves in there head to use there power.

  • ware4me says:

    Oh… well, I don’t know the game, but the anime is based on it… so maybe they will blow their heads off from time to time. 😮

  • Zer0 says:

    teen suicide, what more will they think of.

  • ware4me says:

    They won’t die… they are powerful personas! 😮

  • Zer0 says:

    me and 4me-chan are not on the same page.

  • ware4me says:

    LOL yeah, not on this one… I’ll have to watch more of this anime. 😛

  • LittleVexy says:

    Zer0;7527 wrote: me and 4me-chan are not on the same page.

    When 4me-chan was ever on the same page? 😛

  • Zer0 says:

    i wonder if LV knows wut i’m talking about,… or maybe shes like ware4me.

  • stukasa says:

    I’ve never played the game but I have friends that did and they’ll probably love this anime. When my friend told me about the game I said “They shoot themselves in the head? There’s no WAY that’ll ever come to America!” ;D

  • LittleVexy says:

    Zer0;7563 wrote: i wonder if LV knows wut i’m talking about,… or maybe shes like ware4me.

    4me and me are like twins :drop: If 4me is not on the same page, then neither am I. 😛

  • Pearl Milk Tea says:

    I first started it because I played and beat the game. I guess even with that my motivation wasn’t enough to finish the series. It was that plain and boring, for me at least. They will probably have a better chance at making the original game story into anime, instead of making it a sequel.

  • Zer0 says:

    well one of the game character was in the anime his name was…. the boxer…. um….sanada something

  • ware4me says:

    Well… not my kind of anime, too bad, thought this might be better

  • Pearl Milk Tea says:

    Zer0;14316 wrote: well one of the game character was in the anime his name was…. the boxer…. um….sanada something

    yeah, that boxer.

    Wasn’t the main character from the game the police chief in the anime? I was expecting him to have multiple personas like he had in the game.

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