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Isshoni Training, or Training with Hinako, is a workout video for out-of-shape otaku. It is lead by a nearly undressed anime teen named Hinako.

It’s another example of the increasing market of anime-inspired products targeting the voracious and seemingly bottomless wallets of the otaku population.

The exercises that Hinako covers are: push-ups, sit-ups, squats, including strange on the bed versions. And something that can only described as a chest bouncing exercise.

The first three exercises (push-ups, sit-ups, and squats) are a major part of any workout, but counting on the bed and chest bounces are completely new and somehow they are not designed to be performed for real, at least not without the proper warmup.

Although this anime is a so-called “workout video”, only about two-thirds of it is actually of Hinako performing her exercises. The rest of the anime includes Hinako talking about how she’s actually a real human who was pulled into the world of anime and is now acting in a new anime series.

Training With Hinako is not meant for younger audiences, and it’s pretty clear that the working out part is just a cover for its main selling point, being extremely ecchi.

Main Characters

Hinako is a 16-year-old girl who loves to exercise. Hinako was once a human, but she was turned into an anime character when she was a second-year middle-school student. Thanks to: forevergeek

Training with Hinako
Is an OVA produced by PRIMASTEA. It went out on stores in Japan in April 24, 2009. According to various blogs, the DVDs for this OVA are selling out all over Akihabara. In the japanese version of Amazon, buyers are giving this DVD a great rating.
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