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In a world where magic determines your social standing, Regro has suffered from a lack of magical powers since childhood.

All his existence, he has endured scolding and humiliation, making his life a true hell. But the least expected day, he finds an abandoned child.

Immediately, he notices that the little boy does not have a distinguishing mark, which determines that he can use magic. Regro knows that without such mark, his life is in danger, after all, in this society those who do not use magic are eliminated.

Instead of turning the child over to the authorities, Regro is moved by him and decides to raise him as his own son. However, to accomplish this, he must leave the city and avoid contact with other inhabitants as much as possible.

Years later, Regro could not be more proud of his son Mash, who has grown up surrounded by an abundant forest, in which he follows a strict training regime imposed by his father.

For some reason, Mash has become an extremely strong man, his physique is well worked out, but he clearly is outside of what is considered normal.

And as soon as he return home, he get into trouble. He is usually quite distracted, and once he forgets the right way in which he should open the entrance door, he ends up breaking it into pieces. But Regro cannot be angry with his son, to whom he insists that he must never visit the town on his own.

However, Mash has a clear weakness for sweet food, and he can’t pass up the opportunity to buy some cream puffs. While Regro is out on his own business, Mash decides to venture out and visit the city.

Mash is unaware of the customs of society, and does not understand why everyone is watching him with curiosity.

The citizens call the police, and trouble arise. Regro returns and not finding his son, he immediately looks after him, and as soon as he spots him, he grabs Mash and escapes, but the officers use their magic tools to locate them deep in the forest.

Regro punishes Mash and sends him to train again, at that moment, the policemen headed by Brad appear. He is fed up with his work and covets the fortune that the most talented magicians reach with the recommendation of their magic academies.

Brad does not hesitate to subdue Regro, demanding that he hand over Mash to be eliminated, but the devoted father refuses to give him any information.

Mash returns from his training, and listens how his father is being hurt, without hesitation, he enters and starts to face the policemen. The boy takes his father’s magic wand to face Brad, but instead of emitting some magic, he throws it at him with full force, and is able to hurt him in the face.

Then, Brad begins to attack him, to the point where he uses a spell capable of driving away a dragon. But, to his surprise, Mash only uses his hand to deflect the attack.

Brad is very entertained to meet the kid, and offers them a deal. In exchange for leaving them alone, Mash must enter a magical academy, obtain the highest grade, and share the wealth that comes with it, or else he will use his position to hunt him and his father down in the future.

Although Regro objects, Mash tells him that he has enough motivation to reach the goal, and his new life begins.

Also known as Mashle: Magic and Muscles, it’s a manga series written and illustrated by Hajime Koumoto, serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shounen Jump magazine starting in 2020. An anime adaptation by A-1 Pictures premiered on April 8, 2023.
S1. “Knock Out” ~ Taiiku Okazaki
S1. “Creampuff Funk” ~ Philosophy no Dance
Mash Burnedead
Mash Burnedead

OP ~ Knock Out

ED ~ Creampuff Funk