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Liza is an alien belonging to the Azatos space empire, an advanced civilization that has conquered countless planets, but before they take control, there is a deep research to verify if their inhabitants deserve to live or be exterminated.

Liza is very strict with her assessment and once they arrive to Earth, she immediately understands that humans are not the most intelligent or capable, and should without hesitation be eradicated.

However, the ship’s vice captain, Amato, suggests that Liza conduct her research directly on the planet. In a bad mood, she agrees to visit Earth and visits Japan.

As she walks through the streets of the city, her dislike for humans is confirmed. Despite this, she decides to show more interest in her work and decides to have a drink in a cafe.

At the cafe, Liza doesn’t exactly seem shocked, but as soon as Seiji opens a door to let her enter the main hall, everything changes, and her face lights up when she sees several cats roaming free.

Liza never saw anything more beautiful in her life, and without realizing it, she informs Seiji, who runs the business, that she is an alien and is evaluating the value of the inhabitants of Earth.

Seiji stays cool, thinking it’s some joke, but since Liza is his customer, he tries to ignore the comment as he pours her something to drink.

Days later, Seiji listens someone screaming outside the cafe, and suddenly watches Liza running away from a beautiful dog and when she stops in front of him, he tells her more about these pets.

At that moment, Kasumi comes out of the business and Seiji tells her that Liza was the customer that was surprised to see the cats days before.

Seiji and Kasumi talk to Liza and at one point start to believe her story. But instead of being scared, they decide to get to know her better.

Kasumi tells him that she has a very friendly dog, and that if Liza wants to meet her, she will be welcome at her place. That day, Liza learns that there are different types of races, which once again surprises the girl.

Meanwhile, on her ship, Amato wonders if Liza will be okay, he knows that she is a professional, but he is surprised that she has not made a detailed report of her discoveries.

One afternoon, while Liza is walking with Seiji and Kasumi, they find a sick cat in a box. Liza doesn’t understand why someone would abandon such an amazing creature, and as she uses her powers to heal it, she discovers the people who abandoned it.

Liza does not hesitate to request the support from her ship, without saying the reasons behind her actions, but suddenly, lightning strikes a couple, who mistreated and abandoned the feline.

Once awake, the cat immediately approaches Liza, and Kasumi suggests her to adopt him, after all, he seems to understand that she healed him.

Kawaisugi Crisis
Also known as Too Cute Crisis, is a manga series written and illustrated by Mitsuru Kido, serialized in Shueisha’s Jump Square magazine since October 2019. An anime adaptation by SynergySP premiered on April 7, 2023.
S1. “Space Cat Big Bang” ~ Chōgakusei
S1. “Nyanborii de Moffy!” ~ DIALOGUE+
Liza Luna
Liza Luna
Seiji Mukai
Seiji Mukai
Kasumi Yanagi
Kasumi Yanagi

OP ~ Space Cat Big Bang

ED ~ Nyanborii de Moffy!