Sad or mad with anime

Have you ever felt sad or mad after an anime ends?

OMG! Sometimes the end of a good series can be rough.

Have you ever got that feeling when you think, “It can’t be the end. No Way!” 😡

And then you think… “I want to see more and more of it!” Of course, when you talk about a really nice series, maybe a good dorama… you get a feeling deep inside. :weep:

Maybe you want to cry out loud and tell everyone, “I hate how this anime ends!” x.x

Tell us what series have made you feel a little sad, or why not, mad about the way they ended.

4me, I hated the anime end on Kare Kano… in the end, you need to read the manga to know what happened.

And just this week, I finished watching Sugar: A little Snow Fairy.

Geez… such a nice series, really emotional, but I needed something else, there is an OVA, hopes that one gives 4me what 4me needs to be happy.

I guess I love really happy endings! :3: