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En`en no Shouboutai (2019)

En`en no Shouboutai\
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A lot has changed in our world, for some reason, a strange phenomenon called spontaneous human combustion is causing havoc. Basically, humans get lit on fire for no apparent reason.

Now, after many years, evolution has come, and the new generations possess the ability to manipulate flames while retaining their human form. Here, we meet Shinra, a young man from a rare third generation, he has gained the nickname Devil’s Footprints, due to his power.

Today, he has arrived to join the Special Fire Force Company 8, a special fire brigade created to fight and control the spontaneous combustion issue. As soon as he arrives, someone on the train bursts into flames. Before he is able to do something, his new partners show up.

Without hesitation, Akitaru, the brigade captain gives orders to his peers and extinguish the fire, in the process, Iris, a nun from the Holy Sol Temple is in danger, and Shinra steps up, igniting his own feet into flames to jump and save her.

Once at the headquarters, he introduces himself to the brigade members, as soon as he finishes, Akitaru asks him why he is laughing in his ID card photo. A bit embarrassed, he simply tells them that every time he is nervous, his face acts on its own.

For him, life has not been easy, he has been neglected over and over by his own family, and blamed for the death of her supporting mother and his young brother.

However, Shinra claims he had nothing to do with the accident, and is determined to become a hero and discover the murderer.

En`en no Shouboutai
Also known as Fire Force, is a manga series written and illustrated by Atsushi Ookubo. It is published by Kodansha in the Weekly Shounen Magazine since 2015. An anime adaptation by David Production premiered on July 5, 2019.
S1. “Inferno” ~ Mrs. Green Apple, “MAYDAY” ~ coldrain feat. Ryo from CRYSTAL LAKE
S1. “veil” ~ Keina Suda; “Nonai” ~ Lenny code fiction
Shinra Kusakabe
Akitaru Oubi
Takehisa Hinawa
Maki Oze
Arthur Boyle

OP ~ Inferno

ED ~ veil