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Ani Tore! EX (2015)

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Asami, Eri, Shizuno, Shion and Yuu are five young women who are aiming to become idols. But it is not easy, besides having talent as performers, they have to look perfect for their fans.

To do so, they train regularly to have a fit and healthy body, in this series, you will learn the proper way to do several simple exercises. Tips come along on the correct postures, the duration and effort required.

It reminded me the OVA Training with Hinako, of course without the super ecchi content. In the first episode, you will learn quickly how to do push-up and crunches with Asami.

As the episodes go by, the other characters appear and practice other exercises. It is a very simple animation with a colorful touch, but don’t expect anything else about it.

Ani Tore! EX
(あにトレ! EX)
An anime television series produced by Rising Force and Earth Star Entertainment. It debuted on October 12, 2015.
S1. N/A
S1. “Vital Exercise” ~ Miku Itou, Miyu Komaki, Maria Naganawa, Kanon Takao & Azumi Waki
Asami Hoshi
Eri Higuchi
Shizuno Saotome
Shion Tachibana
Eri Higuchi

Ani Tore! EX 01

ED ~ Vital Exercise