A thousand years into the future, people with strong psychokinetic powers are usual. Unfortunately for mankind, they can be very destructive.

Saki Watanabe remembers her childhood, when she used to play with her friends. She was interested in old stories, some of those very spooky. Years later, Saki wakes up scared, everything around her is in the air and she screams out loud.

Her parents come to her room, but they are not surprised, instead, they are really happy that her powers have finally awakened. Now, she will be able to move on and receive a better education.

Saki hesitates, but finds some familiar faces in her new school, ‘Saint Academy’. Satoru Asahina, Maria Akizuki, Mamoru Itou and Shun Aonuma welcome Saki, who has been the last one to awaken her powers.

Now that Saki has rejoined the group, she has to study hard and practice to improve. But their mental skills seem to be beyond understanding.

One day, after a long day of struggles, one of their peers begins to show several weaknesses, unfortunately for her, she begins to feel the group pressure and melts down with uncertainty.

Now, Saki is a bit uneasy because she has heard that several students have disappeared from the academy. But Saki’s friends think that’s just a silly story, but mysteriously a girl disappears.

And things are not better at home, and Saki is worried because she has seen a strange creature, she tells her parents and they say it’s just an illusion. But Saki listens her mother worried about her daughter, saying that she doesn’t want to lose more members of her family.

Now, Saki and the others will realize the true nature of the world.

Main Characters

Saki Watanabe is a new student at the magic school, ‘Saint Academy’. Once she joins Saint Academy, she hangs out with Satoru, Maria, and Shun, her friends from Wakien Elementary School, as well as Mamoru, her new classmate. While she’s not shy, she is sensitive and delicate.

Satoru Asahina is Saki’s childhood friend. He is always energetic and full of mischief. He always argues with Saki. However, Satoru is pretty observant and smarter than most of his friends. He is also skillful in using his Force.

Shun Aonuma is one of Saki’s childhood friends. Shun is very clever, with a strong intellectual curiosity and mature manner. His marks in magic are excellent at Saint Academy, and many have high hopes for his future. According to Satoru, Shun is the most talented at using Force in their group.

Maria Akizuki is Saki’s best friend and a beautiful girl with a blazing red hair. She’s very strong willed, and commands the weak, quiet Mamoru, but in times of need she devotes herself to protecting him. On the other hand, she does show a girlish fear of scary stories too.

Mamoru Itou joined Saint Academy and was put in the same class as Saki, he begins to follow them around. He’s a very shy boy, and rarely voices his own thoughts and opinions.

Shinsekai yori (新世界より) is a Japanese novel by Yusuke Kishi.

An anime adaptation by A-1 Pictures began airing in September 29, 2012.

Title: Shinsekai yori (2012)
Kanji: 新世界より (2012)
Web: http://www.tv-asahi.co.jp/shinsekaiyori/
Ending Theme: “Wareta Ringo” by Risa Taneda

Shinsekai yori PV


Shinsekai yori ED ~ “Wareta Ringo”


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