OMG! Sometimes the end of a good series can be rough.

Have you ever got that feeling when you think, “It can’t be the end. No Way!” 😡

And then you think… “I want to see more and more of it!” Of course, when you talk about a really nice series, maybe a good dorama… you get a feeling deep inside. :weep:

Maybe you want to cry out loud and tell everyone, “I hate how this anime ends!” x.x

Tell us what series have made you feel a little sad, or why not, mad about the way they ended.

4me, I hated the anime end on Kare Kano… in the end, you need to read the manga to know what happened.

And just this week, I finished watching Sugar: A little Snow Fairy.

Geez… such a nice series, really emotional, but I needed something else, there is an OVA, hopes that one gives 4me what 4me needs to be happy.

I guess I love really happy endings! :3:


  • Zer0 says:
    i was sad at the end of kanon when everyone got back together except makoto, i was like WTF kinda **** is this, shes like the coolest character. i was kinda hoping but it never happened.
  • ware4me says:

    HAHAHA, yeah, Makoto was also my favorite in Kanon. :drop:

  • Zer0 says:

    tenjo tenge had one of the shittest end i’ve ever seen. then they made ovas with help none wat so ever, but it stil was a ok show. it would haved been great if it was long and didnt have that long flash back with stole the whole series. gay, cause then they made it into a movie. i mean come on one or the other. wat a waist of anime episodes.

    code geass was anoth WTF’s in my book but thank god there’s a second season or i’d have to start my own rebellion against nippon.

  • ware4me says:

    Yeah, I guess many series think they will be able to have more than one season, and suddenly they are done because of ratings… and some other simply are set to be finished as planned.

    Like Escaflowne, good series, not a bad ending, and I guess there was no way out to make another season. :drop:

    Now… I think the movie was a good idea. 🙂

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