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Yuusha ga Shinda! (2023)

Yuusha ga Shinda!
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The legendary hero, Sion, has battled demons endlessly, and somehow, he has been able to close the gates of hell, halting their advance.

However, after some time, the gates of hell reopen, and the demons seek to conquer our world and devour humans.

Months later, we meet Touka, a simple farmer living in a small town.

He is proud of the quality of his products, but due to his obsession with the shape of the giant radishes he harvests, he has developed a rather strange fetish.

It’s not uncommon to see him comparing his radishes to the thighs of the prettiest girls, like his childhood friend Yuna. Who does not hesitate to complain that he is more concerned with his radishes than with the peace of the world.

Touka doesn’t care much as long as his property is safe. So he has dug a deep pit and filled it with wood stakes to prevent demons from invading his property.

Suddenly, a huge demon appears, and as soon as he spots Yuna, he says that he loves humans, especially as food.

Yuna tries to escape, but falls to the ground. Touka wants to save her, but doesn’t know how to do it, and decides to attract the demon with the smell of roast pork. However, the monster tells them that it doesn’t like the smell of it.

In Yuna’s despair, Touka proves unable to help her, but before tragedy occurs, Sion appears and kills the monster with a single swing of his magic sword.

Yuna thanks Sion, and to her surprise, he calls her by her name. Three years ago, Sion helped Yuna just like today.

Sion is charming and everyone looks up to him, except for Touka. Seeing that the hero is hungry, Yuna does not hesitate to invite him to eat, but when Sion smells the roast that Touka was preparing, he goes straight to it and falls into the trap that Touka prepared.

To everyone’s surprise, Sion falls down and is immediately killed. They all begin to blame Touka for what happened and tell him that he deserves to pay for his crime, but he tells them that no one will believe such an absurd story.

Finally, they all decide to disappear Sion’s body and bury it. But the next morning, Touka sees something surprising in the mirror, he has taken the body of the legendary hero.

Intentionally, a sorceress accompanying Sion, Anri, uses her powers to transfer Touka’s soul to the hero’s body, and if he does not agree to save the world, she will not allow him to return to his original body.

Yuusha ga Shinda!
Also known as The Legendary Hero Is Dead!, is a manga series written and illustrated by Subaruichi, serialized in Shogakukan’s Ura Sunday website from 2014 to 2020. An anime adaptation by Liden Films premiered on April 7, 2023.
S1. “Shinda!” ~ Masayoshi Ooishi
S1. “Kawaiku tte Ijiwaru Shichau” ~ Yurika Kubo
Touka Scott
Touka Scott
Yuna Eunice
Yuna Eunice
Anri Haysworth
Anri Haysworth
Marguerit Farom
Marguerit Farom

OP ~ Shinda!

ED ~ Kawaiku tte Ijiwaru Shichau