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Manyuu Hiken-chou (2011)

Manyuu Hiken-chou
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In a reign placed in the Edo-era, breasts mean everything in this crazy old society. If you have them, you will have no problems in life, you’ll have enough money to spend and will have all the popularity you might need.

On the other hand, if you lack them, you are not even considered to be “human”. Now, in every kind of government, there must be some control system, and in terms of “breast quality”, the Manyuu Clan is responsible to help raise the future big breasts.

To do that they rely in ancient scrolls, on of those says that breasts shall grow if you “show the body and cut the breasts”, in other words, breats will grow big if you take care of them at any age.

In this kind of environment, Chifusa Manyu is fighting, she wants to leave the village, Chifusa is meant to become the successor of the Manyuu Clan. Kaede, Chifusa’s attendant, tries to stop her.

Just before she leaves, her sister Kagefusa Manyuushe, shots her and Chifusa falls from a bridge into the darkness of the night. Chifusa has stolen one of the ancient scrolls from the Clan and Kagefusa wants to preserve the current status at any cost.

As Chifusa heals her wounds, she will realize that the world outside the Manyuu Clan is different and that big breasts mean so much more than power and wealth.

Main Characters

Chifusa Manyu is the successor of the Manyu Clan and an expert samurai. She is hotheaded, rash and temperamental but is incredibly loyal and kind-hearted. Despite the fact that she was meant to continue the tradition of the Manyuu, she deserts her family because of her hatred of the unfair system with which her family governs and steals the Scroll of Secrets, which contains techniques on how to enlarge breasts. She is also the only person capable of a technique known as ‘Chichi-nagare’, which allows her to control the form of breasts.

Kaede is Chifusa’s attendant and her best friend since childhood. She is eternally loyal to Chifusa to that point that she also deserted the Manyuu clan to go along with her friend. Despite the fact that she is Chifusa’s underling, she still tends to give her friend orders, especially when it comes to managing money or picking fights.

Kagefusa Manyu is Chifusa’s sadistic, evil sister. Unlike Chifusa, she is perfectly happy with her family’s form of government and goes to great lengths to preserve it. She hates her sister because even though Chifusa has a smaller chest than her, she was still chosen as the Manyuu successor over Kagefusa.

Kokage is Kagefusa’s assistant and best friend. Very much like what Kaede is to Chifusa, Kokage is eternally loyal to Kagefusa, even though Kagefusa is a lot sterner to Kokage than Chifusa is to Kaede. Kokage is very inexperienced in combat and commonly acts as a spy and reconissance agent for Kagefusa.

Manyuu Hiken-chou
Is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hideki Yamada. Set in a parallel version of the Taihei Edo period, the series follows the busty kunoichi, Chifusa. The manga began serialization in Enterbrain’s seinen manga magazine Tech Gian in 2005. An anime adaptation produced by Hoods Entertainment began airing in Japan in July 2011.
S1. “Sadame” ~ AiRI
S1. “Futatsu no Ashiato” ~ AiRI

OP ~ Sadame

ED ~ Futatsu no Ashiato