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Today, Kakushi has found purpose in life as a man, his daughter Hime is born. In his enthusiasm, we see the father happiness as he holds the little girl in his arms. But at that moment, something happens, one of the doctors recognizes him, after all, he is a renowned manga artist.

At that time, he listens to the comments of the rest of the medical staff, he undoubtedly has some fame, and the ecchi content of his work seems relevant.

Because of this, he begins to imagine what his little girl’s life will be like, and seeing that it would not be a normal future, Kakushi decides that from that moment on he will hide his profession from his daughter.

As the years go by, we see the same routine, Kakushi dresses in a suit and tie and says goodbye to his little girl when she leaves for elementary school.

Meanwhile, he takes another course and heads to the G-PRO office, his own company, but before he arrives, he must take off the salary-man costume. On the premises, his assistants are waiting, and once comfortable, he can start working.

At school, Hime leads a relatively normal life, at least until family issues begin to surface, at that moment the teacher in front of the class often makes remarks to children about the importance of keeping personal information private.

After all, the teacher knows Kakushi’s work, and she even declared herself to be a fan of his work, but she also understands that it can be shocking for a minor.

In some ways, Kakushi has been able to keep Hime safe, but children grow and move quickly, and from now on it will be more complicated.

In the end, the most important thing is that Hime grows up healthy and full of joy. That must be true happiness for a parent.

A manga series by Kouji Kumeta, serialized in Kodansha's Monthly Shounen Magazine since December 2015. An anime adaptation by Ajia-do Animation Works began on April 2, 2020.
1. "Chiisana Hibi" ~ flumpool
1. "Kimi wa Tennenshoku" ~ Eiichi Ootaki
Kakushi Gotou

Kakushi Gotou

Hime Gotou

Hime Gotou

OP ~ Chiisana Hibi

ED ~ Kimi wa Tennenshoku

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