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Bleach: Sennen Kessen Hen (2022)

Bleach: Sennen Kessen Hen
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Ichigo is a teenager who lives in Karakura Town, and despite his rebellious appearance, he is an honest young man who cares about the welfare of his family, especially after losing his mother.

Ichigo discovers that he has the ability to see the spirits around him, and furthermore, he can communicate with them. While trying to help a little girl from being attacked by another type of spirit, he ends up involved in a battle between good and evil, beyond death.

In the process, he ends up helping a shinigami named Rukia, who tells him that her goal is to cleanse the world of hollow creatures that devour people’s spiritual energy.

Ichigo possesses an incredible amount of that kind of energy and ends up being attacked in his own house, but the power of the creature is such that Rukia ends up injured, unable to save Ichigo’s family.

In her desperation, Rukia offers him the opportunity to become a temporary shinigami, and Ichigo does not hesitate and defeats the evil spirit.

Thus begins an adventure filled with drama, relentless battles, and true friendship. And after several years, Ichigo has returned to Karakura and remains the town’s substitute shinigami.

One day, Ryuunosuke and Shino arrive in town, with orders to control the growing number of incidents with hollows, who are suddenly disappearing from all over Japan rather than appearing.

They are immediately attacked, and at one point they are surrounded by a large number of hollows, when everything seems cursed to be their ending, Ichigo appears, and Orihime, Yasutora and Uryuu are also with him, the friends who accompanied him in his different battles in the previous years.

Despite the size and power of their enemies, they save Ryuunosuke and Shino without casualties.

A couple of days later, while everyone meets to discuss, a man named Asguiarro Ebern shows up at Ichigo’s house.

Meanwhile, on the other side, where Soul Society is located, a group of individuals, representing the Wandenreich, part of the Quincy Empire, ambush Commander Genryuusai.

Ichigo ends up fighting Asguiarro who seems to possess a strange power, however somehow Ichigo is able to escape from it, but before he can do anything else, Asguiarro disappears.

Bleach: Sennen Kessen Hen
(BLEACH 千年血戦篇)
Is an anime series based on the Bleach manga series by Tite Kubo and a direct sequel to the Bleach anime series. The series is directed by Tomohisa Taguchi and premiered on October 11, 2022. The series will run for four cours with breaks in between. The first cour is set to consist of 13 episodes.
S1. “Scar” ~ Tatsuya Kitani
S1. “Rapport” ~ Tatsuya Kitani; “Saihate” ~ SennaRin
Ichigo Kurosaki
Ichigo Kurosaki

OP ~ Scar

ED ~ Saihate