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Japanese Penis Festivals are traditional celebrations of fertility and good health. Last Sunday marked the Kanamara Festival, also known as the the Utamaro Festival, near Wakamiya Hachimangu Shrine in Kawasaki, Japan. The festival involves a parade, where a large likeness of a pink penis is the star attraction.

Fertility festivals in Japan are common in the springtime, where natives pay tribute to all things phallic. The celebrations are often marked by parades where participants carry a portable shrine in the shape of a large phallus, while spectators eat treats with a similar phallic shape.

The Kanamara – Utamaro Festival, which occurred last Sunday, is held in the cherry blossom season. The festival has been going on since the Edo era (1603-1868). However, similar fertility festivals have been going on in Japan for over 1500 years. The festivals reflect Japan’s agricultural past.

The festivals are said to encourage fertility and bring harmony to married couples. In recent times the festivals have raised awareness of AIDS prevention. More at: examiner


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