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A new year, a new way beginning. Or at least that’s what we are supposed to think sometimes. The fall season finished a bit slow in 2012; still, some anime have some themes to remember.

This azTRAX Fall Special begins with Rita, a seiyuu, singer, and lyricist from Osaka who sang both, the OP and ED theme songs for the Little Busters! anime.

Next is nano, formed at the beginning of 2006 by Penicillin vocalist Hakuei and guitarist Chisato. nano stated that the band would exist for a short time, so they could return and continue with activities for Penicillin.

Suddenly, we slow down the rock mood and turn to artists such as ChouCho, Maiko Fujita or ClariS. As a whole, this special had a nice rhythm thanks to performances like Suneohair‘s, aka Kenji Watanabe, who performs brilliantly and sets the perfect mood for ZAQ, a singer, lyricist, composer and pianist who composed songs for other artists that were used as theme/character songs for various anime.

Finally, GRANRODEO, a Japanese rock band formed by seiyuu KISHOW and musician e-ZUKA pumps up the beats in the Cøde:Breaker OP theme song.

As you can see, this time a lot of seiyuu made our special and the well-known artists stayed home waiting for the new year to come.

2013 has started fast, let’s have a great year!

• Little Busters – Little Busters [Rita] • Btooom – No pain, No game [nano] • Code Breaker – Shiroi Karasu [Kenichi Suzumura] • GIRLS und PANZER – Dream Riser [ChouCho] • Hiiro no Kakera Dai Ni Shou – Takanaru [Maiko Fujita] • Magi – V.I.P [SID] • Puella Magi Madoka Magica Movie – Luminous [ClariS] • Sukitte Ii na yo – slow dance [Suneohair] • Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai – Sparkling Daydream [ZAQ] • Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun – Q&A Recital [Haruka Tomatsu] • ToLoveRU Trouble Darkness – Rakuen PROJECT [Ray] • Hayate no Gotoku CAN T TAKE MY EYES OFF YOU – Koi no Wana [Haruka Yamazaki] • Little Busters – Alicemagic [Rita] • Code Breaker – DARK SHAME [GRANRODEO]

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