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The owners of Minshuku Jinzaemon, the inn in Gifu prefecture that inspired the locale in the Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi anime, have asked fans of the franchise to not visit the inn, in part because of its adult game origins. The anime adapts an adult bishoujo game by the studio feng.

The elderly couple who run the inn said that when they first heard that an anime production wanted to use the inn as a model, they thought that children would watch the show and would then visit the inn. The couple did notice an increase in guests in the third week in April, which was after the anime premiered in Japan.

Back in May, the couple noticed dozens of fans showing up in itasha (vehicles decorated with characters). The couple added that they were shocked when they overheard that the anime is based on an adult game.

A source connected with the anime production told the Evening Fuji newspaper that no inn resembling Minshuku Jinzaemon appeared in the original adult game. The source also emphasized that while the anime does feature an inn modeled after Minshuku Jinzaemon, there are no adult scenes in the anime.

The source asserted that the game and anime are separate projects with different production companies. The DVD and Blu-ray Disc releases of the anime have each been delayed a few weeks “due to various circumstances”. More at: EF

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