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Inspired by the iconic climax of Sora no Otoshimono episode 2, which depicted hundreds of women’s panties magically flying like birds, award-winning sci-fi author Housuke Nojiri (Rocket Girls) has organized a commemorative event to be held on March 6th during the Sora Fes! model rocketry convention.

The event will consist of a mass launch of model ornithopters (flapping-wing airplanes) colored and shaped like panties. Nojiri will be joined at the event with co-organizers Kazuhiko Hachiya (developer of the life-sized “Nausicaa mehve) and TBS television announcer Jun Suzuki.

Pantsu ornithopters” will be available for 1,000 yen each. Admission to the Sora Fes! event costs 2,000 yen and includes one ornithopter. Reportedly the rubber-band powered model ornithopters flap their wings and can remain airborn for up to 20 seconds. More at: getnews


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