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Seven years ago, Yuuto Amakawa’s parents died leaving him living alone without a single relative. He is the last descendant of the Amakawa Clan, one of 12 ancient demon-slayer families.

Ever since the accident, his childhood friend, Rinko Kuzaki, has woken him up, cooked for him and generally taken care of him. The only thing he has from any relative is a mysterious charm, a red ball, given to him by his grandparents as an omamori or a good luck charm.

Things change on Yuuto’s 16th birthday when his protective charm stops working. A number of evil spirits want to kill him, fortunately for Yuuto a cat spirit-samurai, and demon huntress, named Himari appears to protect him.

Rinko is not happy with the situation, because Himari is gorgeous, and she is able to beat Rinko in all of the sports that Rinko usually excels in. This is how Rinko starts to grow in frustration and takes out her anger against Yuuto.

Himari really likes Yuuto and tries to make him put his eyes on her at any cost. But there is only one small problem, Yuuto has a severe allergic reaction to cats. This causes his eyes to water and his nose to run.

Yuuto’s life becomes more complicated when he discovers that he can wield the “hikariwatashi”, or Light Ferry, the Amakawa Clan’s ancient demon-slaying power that is both feared by demons and spirits due to its very powerful nature and coveted by members of the other demon-slaying families.

Main Characters

Yuuto Amakawa is the only living descendant of the Amakawa Clan, one of 12 ancient demon-slayer families. Yuuto’s parents died in a car accident when he was young, causing him to fall into a state of depression. It was only through the care and help of his childhood friend, Rinko, that brought him out of his depression. All his life, Yuuto possessed a charm that was said to ward off evil spirits, but that the charm would stop working on his 16th birthday. On the day of his 16th birthday, Yuuto meets Himari. Now Yuuto has to learn how to control control his power.

Himari is also called Noihara the Crimson Blade. Himari is a white cat demon that played with Yuuto during his childhood when he stayed at his grandparents house. She can change her form from human to cat, even halfway, having a human body but with distinctive cat features. Armed with Yasutsuna, a katana from Yuuto’s grandparents, she is quite skillful when it comes to close combat. Her knowledge of the modern world is very limited and she speaks mostly in an archaic and overly polite way. She doesn’t have any parents since her mother died after birth and her father was a different species or wild cat, since her species are all female.

Rinko Kuzaki is the tomboyish childhood friend of Yuuto. Rinko cried with Yuuto when his parents died, and she helped him out of his depression. She has a crush on Yuuto and was quite comfortable in that position until the other girls started to flirt with him. She has a cat named Ranmaru as a pet, which sometimes she uses as a tool to threaten Yuuto because of his allergies.

Kuesu Jinguuji is a daughter of another demon-slaying family, who seek to ally themselves with the Amakawa family through marriage. She appears to be part of Yuuto’s past and claims that Yuuto’s grandfather had promised their marriage.

Shizuku is a Mizuchi, water dragon demon, in the form of a green, short-haired small girl with snake tongue that can stretch rather far, similar to that of a chameleon, and can breath underwater. Shizuku usually has a stoic expression, and is almost always completely soaked with water.

Lizlet L Chelsie, or Liz for short, works in a tea café as a waitress, and really enjoys her job. Liz is a Tsukumogami, an inanimate object that came to life after a hundred years. More at: Wiki

Omamori Himari (おまもりひまり) is a Japanese manga series written by Matra Milan. It was first serialized in Fujimi Shobo’s manga magazine, Monthly Dragon Age.

In the fifth tankoubon of Omamori Himari, the author announced that the anime adaptation would be produced by Zexcs, it first aired on January 7, 2010.

Title: Omamori Himari (2010)
Kanji: おまもりひまり (2010)
Opening Theme: “Oshichau zo!!” by AyaRuka
Ending Theme: “BEAM my BEAM” by Himarinko L. Shizukuesu; BEAM my BEAM” by Ami Koshimizu ep 7

Omamori Himari OP ~ “Oshichau zo!!”

Omamori Himari ED ~ “BEAM my BEAM”


  • LittleVexy says:

    Cat girl-samurai, harem anime :3: Complete with jealous human girlfriend, and a main character that is allergic to cats (for comedic relief)… We got ourselves a winner!

    Too bad the main character is a boy, they should have made him a girl.

  • stukasa says:

    It sounds somewhat interesting but I doubt I’ll have time to watch it, at least not now. The “main character who’s allergic to cats” thing reminds me of Nyan Koi!

  • ware4me says:

    You know everything is about trends, last year it was Oookami girls, now it seems to be neko and allergic persons :nono:

  • stukasa says:

    Hooray for nekos! I won’t complain about that. :3:

  • ware4me says:

    And how about ecchi nekomimi? :adoration:

    Did you notice I have only bumped into ecchi anime so far? I must find a regular anime to review ^-^

  • stukasa says:

    Ecchi or normal, if it’s got nekos it’s fine with me. :3:

    I hadn’t noticed that. I wonder if it’s a trend for more anime to be ecchi nowadays? Maybe they figure a show will do better if it’s got some fanservice in it? No matter what it is, just throw some fanservice in there to boost the ratings. xD

  • LittleVexy says:

    stukasa;28562 wrote: Ecchi or normal, if it’s got nekos it’s fine with me. :3:

    Even hentai? :3:

  • stukasa says:

    LittleVexy;28567 wrote: Even hentai? :3:

    I don’t think I’ve watched any hentai with nekomimis. There might have been an H-manga or two, but that’s it. :noangel:

    Anyway, I was just thinking that this series is very cliche too. Orphan main character with hidden powers? Fighting demons that only his special clan knows about? Childhood friend with an obvious crush on the main character? A love triangle involving two girls and the main character? How many times are we going to see the same themes in anime repeated over and over again? x.x

  • ware4me says:

    Well, it is not a good idea to ask Vexy for hentai ideas, we might get banned if Vexy’s ecchiness is unleashed! x.x

  • LittleVexy says:

    ware4me;28582 wrote: Well, it is not a good idea to ask Vexy for hentai ideas, we might get banned if Vexy’s ecchiness is unleashed! x.x

    We’ll never get banned :3:

  • ware4me says:

    I don’t want to find out. :funny:

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